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March 30th 2012
Published: April 1st 2012
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Well after leaving Nhatrang and heading to Hoi An we ended up on a very nasty bus to say the least we woken up on and off by the dodgy dealings that happend through the night on the 12hr journey. I knew it wasn'tgoing to be good when I saw the words on the side saying V.I.P. as I had come across this scam before. Our nights entertainment was taken up first loading up ourbackpacks into the rear of the bus and then trying to get comfortable. The reason for this happening is they can sell the space in the bottom of the coach privately to whoever they want and for whatever money they want. Then after this the drivers will stop and start through the journey to collect whatever they can to make extra money for themselves they were doing quite well with baby chicks by the crateful being loaded onand god knows what else. The name of the company is called Cuc Thuang if I remember which have white buses and are pretty awful. The last leg of the journey about 36km from Hoi An we stopped where there was a very nasty accident with a lady lying on the floor after crashing her bike. I thought the driver was going to offer help but of course they didn't we were told to leave the bus and wait for another one by this point everyone was getting quite angry. So we arrived and looked for some accomodation which seemed to be quite difficult now and prices are rising here fast but we ended up in a large backpackers place where we lost more sleep due to the crazy antics of a few drunk people and then an early start with furniture being dragged around. Was this a bad idea to return here again after falling in love with the place 2 years ago. Just give it time I said ! So after another night of 2hrs sleep I just wanted cigarettes and coffee and found a place close by. It spurned on me to ask if they knew a good place and the owner said she had a new house whiich she had just had recently built in a quiet area. She drove me there and it turned out to be her family home which was only 7 weeks old in a quiet neigbourhood. Perfect we moved all of our stuff and got a wonderfull room where we stayed for the next 12 nights. We had a new neighbour in the house from Finland who runs a business from here so we ended up meeting up most days for some food and drinks in the famous CAFE43 which is excellent value for money. We also met up with our new freind Anna from Canada and enjoyed some sunbathing and swimming on the stunning beaches there. We even did a cooking class which was alot of fun and worked off some stress by smashing the herbs and spices in a massive mortal and pestle. The second night we had problems getting in to the house as we didn't have one of the keys for the door so ended up roaming the streets until half 2 in the morning. Luckily we were helped out by some locals who had just come out of a nightclub and were heading home after they discovered us trying to fall asleep on a park bench. They ended up getting some help and we eventually got in the house at 3am where i expressed my anger to the owner.


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