The Ho Chi Minh trail at 20 MPH

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November 20th 2010
Published: November 23rd 2010
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If there weren't so many tailors you would think you had holes in your pockets as Hoi An is a town where spending money comes easily. Suits, jackets, shoes, bags and pretty much anything you can imagine can be made in 24 hours so for once the backpackers take on a smart appearance.

When not buying clothes, the ancient city has many charms and you can easily spend days wandering round the alleyways imagining how Vietnam used to be.

With far fewer motorbikes than Saigon, Tom and I decided to take the plunge and follow the example of the locals and travel on two wheels. Following the Ho Chi Minh trail we travelled 320 km through beautiful countryside, with tea plantations, forests and waterfalls. We dodged the landslides and the cinnamon which had been laid out on the road to dry and rested at local villages.

While both proud of our new learnt skills - James Dean needn't worry as we barely made it above 30kmph and had the smallest scooter going which rattled and growled at any slight incline.

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Snake WineSnake Wine
Snake Wine

Drink this for the Vietnamese form of Viagra. judging by it's expression the snake looks none too happy about this.

23rd November 2010
what all the best dogs are wearing

Oh dear
Oh my god that is hilarious!
23rd November 2010
the secret to Cao Lao

Nice Pic!
I'm going to have to get back up there soon. I miss Ly!
23rd November 2010

Good morning Vietnam :)
Seems like you are enjoying Vietnam, be carefull on the road and hope you didn't rent the bikes in Saigon :) it's pretty crowded, a? :) we loved Vietnam, especially the north has it's unique energy - are you there yet??? hope you'll post some more pisctures, cos it is like a travelling through memories of Vietnam once again :) good luck, best wishes... bye bye***
6th December 2010

Easy Rider Viet nam
I have had a brilliant time. I didn’t know it until i met you but a trip in the mountains on your motorbike was just what I wanted to do. I have smiled the whole way, I would love to go further but unfortunatley I don’t have time. Trong is a great guide, he is knowledgeable and a safe rider. If you read this and are not sure take a day trip with him. I have seen and experienced things that I would not have if i hadn’t met Trong. This is a definate highlight of my holiday and will be the part i remember most. Thanks so much, Marta from ITALIA P/S note below: Please pay attention that all the Easy Riders now have to wear uniform : blue and brown jacket with logo name and web address on the uniform.they have permit from these LTD company.At this time, many websites are also copying and running with real Easyridergroup name so I would like to inform that you can access to some website with these addresses: * Easyrider copy will not guarantee during tour property loss.because they do not have insurance liability,and some places copy Easyrider they can’t make you to visit , who do not have a license Legal. they copied our tour programs from our web site,printed it out and showed to tourist.they copied our photosand claimed to tourist that thye have been everywhere It’ so lie becareful .

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