I got "Burned" in cooking school in Hoi An

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February 27th 2006
Published: February 27th 2006
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Cooking SchoolCooking SchoolCooking School

"Charlie Chan" and two out of 15 doing some preparation.
I enjoy Vietnamese food a lot. I haven’t met many bad Vietnamese cooks. It seems they know how to cook just about everything. I tried many times to get Trang my exchange student to teach me a few things about Vietnamese cooking but she always told me I made her nervous looking over her shoulder so I never learned much from her.

So, when I got to Hoi An and the hotel I was staying in was advertising a cooking school at a popular restaurant I signed up. It was advertised as you learn to cook a meal and then you eat your meal. A longer course you go to the market and learn to buy the ingredients, bring them back to the restaurant and cook them. I signed up for the short course.

I got there early and soon about 15 people showed up for the school. The main cook came out to teach us. We were supposed to learn how to make vegetable or meat spring rolls, squid salad, grilled ocean fish in banana leaves, Lime sauce.

The cook was more Chinese than Vietnamese and talked like Charlie Chan. We didn’t make half the stuff listed and only a few of us got to really participate in the preparation. When the school was over we got served a meal made by the restaurant, not us. It was a disappointment.


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