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July 20th 2017
Published: July 29th 2017
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We arrived into a sunny Nha Trang after an eventful bus journey where we had to get off half way as the bus was filling with smoke! We went in search of an express laundrette as our entire bags were stinky from Cat Tien where everything got soaked. Unfortunately the address on their website did not correlate to a physical place - we stood outside the right street and number but it was a gift shop not a laundrette. Luckily when we arrived to Min Hostel they offered to do all our washing (even though it was about three times the price we were desperate!). So we stood in the doorway to the hostel and found one outfit each that didnt stink too badly of wet dog and gave everything else including rucksacks to them!

The next morning we decided to make the most of the sunshine and laid on sun loungers until we were pink like the rest of the tourists here! Nha Trang was resort central and didn't seem to have any Vietnamese charm left, skyscrapers and hotels galore. The weather didn't hold out for long and so by early afternoon we had taken shelter back at the hostel and used the time to plan where we would be going in Vietnam.

The next day we headed out to do one of the only activities that sounded appealing in Nha Trang - the mud baths! We took a bus from outside the shopping centre, swapped to a taxi for an unknown reason, and arrived at the baths. We were too tight to pay for a private experience and so opted instead to wallow with a bunch of randomers. We were ferried along to the first stage of the spa process, hot showers to get clean before getting into the mud baths! The idea was to wallow for 20 minutes before getting out and baking yourself in the sun then back into the showers. This was all very novel and we actually really enjoyed pretending to be pigs, they're onto something. The next stage was to go through a mineral power shower walkway thing, Char hated it, it stung, and so she missed it out whilst jack plouged on coming out the other end red raw. Stage 4 was a hot mineral bath, very luxurious and we both stayed in here until we had turned to prunes. The next bit was a hot waterfall to sit under before getting into the "pools" some hot and some cool, our skin felt like satin. We spent the next few hours in and out of the pools and relaxing on the sun loungers. Once we got back to the hostel we were greeted by piles of sparkling clean laundry, hurrah, clean clothes at last!

We then took the night bus to Hoi An.


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