A rainy day in Nha Trang

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August 6th 2013
Published: September 15th 2013
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The rain greeted us in Nha Trang. We jumped into a taxi to take us to the guesthouse that Poppy was staying at. As it was only about 7am and couldn't check in, we sat in the computer room and had a bit of a snooze.

Poppy came down a couple of hours later and we moved into a 3 bed dorm.

I bumped into Lawrence (who I had met in Ko Phi Phi, Thailand) before going out wandering the streets of Nha Trang along with Christina and a couple of other girls we met. We went to Long Thanh photography gallery, a photographer known for his images of Vietnam.

After a spot of street food for lunch (some weird white soft textured gel in cups served with sweet chilli sauce) we made our way back to the guesthouse, bypassing a real cheap patisserie. I bought everyone a cup cake, as I hadn't had a cake for my birthday, better late than never.

In the evening, a few of us had dinner together. Joined by a few other faces, Hannah (who poppy had already met), Melia and Harry. As we ate in the restaurant of the guesthouse, we had a free bucket with our main meal. Hannah wasn't drinking so she was kind enough to let me have hers. I was the first to retire to bed.


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