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March 8th 2013
Published: March 8th 2013
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White wine in the SunWhite wine in the SunWhite wine in the Sun

A white Dalat wine... interesting. Has a bit of a passionfruit aftertaste and quite tart.
Hi All,

Sorry for this very delayed blog post. You'll also notice that I'm not really writing about where we are either. We're still not up to writing the post for Nha Trang yet... oops.

There are several reasons for this.

Firstly, China was a bit of a nightmare with regards to decent internet onnections to the outside world. We found Facebook wouldn't work and Skype was very sluggish. We decided not to worry so much about getting the blog written and wait until we found a decent connection.

Secondly, we just got very, very busy! Without our long train trips through the countryside we found we ran out of time each day and just let everything lapse.

Lastly, We're just having too much fun!!!! Don't worry, we're still thinking of all of you but there is so much to see and do and blog writing isn't our reason from travelling.

That said we have managed to type up a couple of blogs and they should be up very soon. We're currently sitting in the Cyclo Cafe in Nha Trang with a reasonable internet connection, although Facebook once again does not seem to want to work. There are a couple of wine glasses next to us and we're patiently waiting for each breath of wind to try and cool down. We have a late train to Saigon tonight so hopefully a lot of writing will get done.

We love you all and wish we could see you soon.

Anna and Dave

p.s. Kylie we've been looking for short, fat police officers but Nha Trang doesn't seem to have a police presence. This could account for the stories we've heard of spiked drinks and muggings of drunk people by xe om riders. We're fine though and I'll see if I can find a picture for you in Saigon.


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