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October 11th 2010
Published: October 29th 2010
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11th October 2010

We caught a taxi for some sightseeing and headed to the Po Nagar Cham Towers. Initially there stood ten towers which had been built by the Hindu Cham People between the seventh and twelfth centuries however, only four remain. Whilst they are somewhat weathered by time and tourism the locals still come here to pray to their God for a prosperous life. A humbling sight to see as they kneel and pray and light incense sticks as a gratuitous gesture to the Gods.

Our taxi, which had patiently been waiting drove us to our next stop, the Thap Ba Hot Springs. Here we were to bath in mineral mud to sooth the ailments of western life and in-liven our skin. We were escorted to our own private mud-tub and looked on in amusement as it filled with brown mud, sorry mineral mud I should say. We cautiously climbed in however before long we were tipping it all over ourselves and each other in an effort to enrich and revitalise our bodies. After half an hour we clambered out to mud-bake whilst still drenched in this crap, the aim is to let it dry on you, the last time I did something like this I was about 10 and in the playing in the backyard, but, the wife knows best so I do what i'm told and lie still to let the mud work its magic. Caked in dry mud we make our way over to the mineral shower for the next part of the cleansing process and then through the high-pressure water massage tunnel and into the mineral-water pool to relax. After the obligatory photo under the mineral-waterfall our bodies are once again temples and ready to be abused.

When we got back to the hotel ‘Tong’ the Security Guard / Concierge insisted that he take us out for a bia as he wanted to hear where we were from and too learn more English. We followed him down some dark alley, Danielle holding my hand tighter and tighter as we went, until we sat down in the driveway of someone’s house and proceeded to order 35cent beers. It was awesome sitting here with Tong, hearing his stories and sharing with him that I’m kind of a big deal back home. Several beers later he decided that he was now drunk enough and ready to ride his ‘motorbike’ home.

We pushed on and hit the streets in an effort to immerse ourselves further into the Vietnamese nightlife and next stop was the Louisiane Brewhouse. It's beautiful decor, pool and waterfront location made for a great place to enjoy a cold beer. After a couple refreshing ale's we moved onto a few other haunts before settling at a Russian pub which was decked out with Russian army gear, Russian Playboy porn and a fooseball table (mini soccer table). Danielle stood no chance as my relentless attacking onslaught, fuelled by 14 beers slaughtered her feeble defence and caused an outcry of emotion as she screamed to the world "my husband is the best fooseball player in the world", however a little old Vietnamese lady who'd been watching steadfastly from the corner stepped forward in an effort to prove otherwise. After a 4-0 massacre to a lady who was barely tall enough to see over the table and couldn't speak a word of English I demanded a re-match. Of course she got lucky and as I took another swig of my Heineken I pondered her inevitable downfall in the re-match. A flurry of hands later I was smashed again, this time in an improved performance, however the scoreboard remained the same, another 4-0 defeat. My ego in tatters I shouted her a drink, did the obligatory "Mot, Hai, Ba, Yooooooo (1,2,3, Skull) quickly finished my beer and left in a cloud of embarrassment.

To cool down we headed for the Ice Bar where before going in I got to practise some "flare" (or throwing spirits bottles around to you non-hospitality workers-fake ones of course) with the bar staff and we celebrated my "flare" style with a free shot of tequila. Entry was expensive but apparently its the only place in Vietnam that it snow's. With drinks in hand and jumpers on we entered the cold room and mingled with the three other people there, apparently not a popular nightspot but we had a "cool" time regardless. Somehow, due either to drunkenness or the freezing temperature of the ICE BAR our camera stopped working. Not to worry at least our memories would be “frozen” in time (the awesome jokes just keep on coming)….

With several beers consumed and the Nha Trang nightlife conquered we headed off to the train station for our overnight journey to Da Nang / Hoi An. We ordered something on a French baguette and boarded the rickety old train, goodbye Nha Trang You Rule!!!!!!!

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30th October 2010

wow - you gorgeous couple!
Thank you for sharing your wonderful trip with me!! I only just read your whole story. Enjoy the end of your holidays!
4th November 2010

Luv it
Way to go guys, sounds like you had a blast...back to reality sucks, hey

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