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March 2nd 2008
Published: March 2nd 2008
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Mosquito netMosquito netMosquito net

Looks cool..but we never use it
Sat March 1st Phan Thiet Vietnam

Another lovely day in paradise!! Waken to the sound of the surf and the birds..coffee on our patio..an amazing buffet breakfast and settle in for a full day of "veging"..

We spent pretty much the whole day relaxing on the patio..reading and talking..with M making the occasional foray into one of the pools to cool down.

I think the title line I put above is a Rod Stewart song..altho I'm not certain. I was saying to M earlier how fortunate we are that we both enjoy travel so much togeather..and indeed
how fortunate we've been to be able to do it when we have. I started out by thinking of things that I/we had opportunities to do when we were younger..in school.. like learn languages..history..geography
geo-politic etc.. all of which seemed totally irrelevant and boring at the time. Now as we have a chance to explore more we have a much greater appreciation for what a diverse world we live in.

M didnt recall the Rod Stewart line..but offered one of her own.. "youth is wasted on the young"... a tad tongue in cheek but similar in so many ways. Now that we are at a time when we can enjoy
a round of golf in +34c Vietnam..younger legs would be nice 😊 Similarly.fooooooood ! The last 3 nights here, in addition to the wonderful meals in the bars and restaurant..they have had 3 featured
30 course buffets..poolside..1st was asian BBQ..last night was seafood..tonight was 30 traditional vietnamese dishes! A few years ago I'd have been in piglet heaven..they all sounded and looked fantastic
and were very reasonably priced.. now I get full just reading the menu and I think we've been in bed by 9 every night.

Sun March 2nd

Same same..another gorgeous day..M is already wishing we were here in Phan Thiet for "just a couple of more weeks? ".

We have been simply decadently relaxing the past 2 days..coffee on the patio..breakfast on the deck of the restaurant..lounging and reading on our patio for the remainder of the days..with a leisurely lunch break if we feel the need to exert ourselves at all 😊

In the 30's again here today..warm..humid..breezy.

Tomorrow it will get cooler..someone is picking us up here at 11 am and driving us 4.5 hrs to the Saigon airport where we will catch the 5pm Vietnam Airlines flight to Hue. Weather yesterday in Hue had a high of 19C or sommit so it will cool us down for a couple of nights.

Thanks for the comments and emails to the blog..glad you are enjoying.

Take care all

R & M

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3rd March 2008

Everything looks completely incredible. Been real busy so i missed checking the blog, sorry !! You both look Fantastic, and the place looks amazing. Nice Game Roddo!!! M is being shy haha!! Got to run again , will check in later. Take good care DC
5th March 2008

Hey Rod and Marilyn!
From what I've read, you two are having a great time. Are you sure you're coming back? I can tell you are getting more relaxed with each passing day Rod, by the way you are writing. hahaha. Have fun! All is casual on the home front. See you when you get back.

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