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November 18th 2010
Published: January 8th 2013
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18th Nov: Woke up in Nha Trang, when the bus arrived at about 8 or 9. We were two hours late in arriving because the bus had broken down a couple of times. Happily I had slept through these breakdowns. It was drizzling and I walked quickly to the hostel, where I was going to be staying. The walk was only about 10-15 minutes. When I got to the hostel I got checked in, showered and dumped my stuff in the room. Then I headed down to a restaurant across from the hostel for brunch. It was scrummy.

The weather was still crappy and the forecast said it was going to be crappy for the next few days, so I decided to cut my losses and booked the bus down to Mui Ne for the next day. I was pig sick of the crap weather I'd had so far. Hue, Hoi An and now Nha Trang were a bit of a wash out. After I booked the bus, I went to a nice spa beauticians that I had seen. They had a special offer on and there facials were reduced, so I spent an hour relaxing in there and having a little bit of a pamper. The facial was nice, I think it was the first (and so far only) proper facial I have had. However I wish she had squeezed my spots, I do have a fair few and it would of been nice to be rid of them.

I spent the afternoon drinking green tea with Nick, a lad I met in the hostel, in the hostel's restaurant, listening to music and chatting. It was a nice afternoon and we went out for dinner later that evening with a couple of girls, who were also staying at the hostel. It was a pretty quiet night and I think I was in bed before midnight. I would like to return to Nha Trang, when the weather is better and enjoy the beach and the boat trips that you can do there.

19th Nov: I was up fairly early this morning. I showered and packed up. Then went and had breakfast, was nice. Then I walked along to the bus office and off we headed to Mui Ne. The journey wasn't too long and I think we arrived before lunchtime. It was lovely compared to Nha Trang, the sunny was shining and it was nice and warm. Mui Ne stretchs along the beach for a good few kilometres. There was no way I could walk from one end to the other. I was bursting for a wee by the time we had arrived. So I went to the nearest cafe / restaurant for a drink and to use the facilities. I spent a good hour in there just chilling, watching the world go by, and reading my book.

Then I decided to go and find somewhere to stay that night. I walked past the shop next door to the restaurant and an old guy there asked if I needed a place to stay. I decided to go and check it out. I was pleasantly surprised. The accomodation was brand new, everything was clean and pretty. They even had gorgeous embroidered duvet covers. I was sold and it was only $10 a night. It was so nice I decided to stay for two nights. After leaving my stuff in the room, the old bloke that owned the place showed me the way through one of the posh beachside resorts to get the beach. The beach is quite thin, but very long. It was beautiful, and I was very happy to see the sun again after so long without it.

After a couple of hours chilling on the beach I was a bit bored. That's the annoying thing about travelling alone. There's no one to watch your stuff if you want to go for a swim or to the loo, or to put suncream on your back. I was getting hungry so I headed to this lovely cafe across the road from the beach. I had a lovely Ceasar salad and a couple of ice coffees. I spent a couple of hours there, reading my book. I then had wander around about Mui Ne, not much going on. It's a big resort town for Russians and it was funny to see a lot of signs in the Russian script. Although I had seen some in Nha Trang, too. Just the usual restaurants, shops and bars. Stopped at a cashpoint to get some more money. After sending some time pottering around my room at the guesthouse, I headed out for some dinner at the resaurant, where I had had a drink earlier and a few beers.

20th Nov: A lovely lazy day today, very similar to yesterday. I got up late. I headed down to the beach and spent a few hours there, before I had enough of the sun. Then I decided to return to the cafe where I had lunch the day before. Because the Ceasar salad was so good I had it again. Also the cafe was dead, which was nice as it meant I could linger for as long as I liked. Felt a bit bad getting the sofa wet, because my bikini bottoms were wet and I had a soggy arse, lovely! Spent some time reading there, and then went for another wander around Mui Ne. I could of went to see the pink sand dunes, but really couldn't be bothered.

I booked my bus to leave the next day, it's handy that the ticket office is so close to where I am staying. Also the bus wouldn't be leaving until the early afternoon, which meant there would be no getting up early. Nice! I spent the evening back in the restaurant, where I had been the previous evening, having some dinner and a few beers. It was nice to chill before heading to Saigon, which I'm sure would be a mad and hectic place.


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