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July 6th 2011
Published: July 29th 2011
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Needless to say we strolled back to our bungalow light of foot after meeting with Duc and Lam. Our deposit securely in the hands of to random strangers we both felt elated and ready to crack open those beers. "Do you want to sit poolside for a bit, drink a beer, play cards then grab some food?" "Sounds good."

Dropping off our bags, we turned out the air-con and started swatting at mosquito's that had secured there way in through the bathroom fan again. Tired of tossing sandals and pillows at the bugs, I stretched out the mosquito netting over the bed. "This doesn't bother you does it?" I asked Shauna inquiring about the netting. "Nope. But hopefully our neighboring hotel is quieter than last night." "Totally agree." Grabbing the cards, beers and a pad of paper we walked through the garden to the pool dipping our feet into the standing pool to clean our feet before walking on the pool deck. Wandering over to our 'regular table' we tossed our things about as the geckos chased ants across the railing. "I really love these guys," Shauna stated pointing at the little gecko stuck below the light scanning the area for snacks. "You always do. Doesn't matter what country we are in, either. You love them all," expressing my undying knowledge of her love for geckos, "Maybe we can get you one for Christmas," I finished completely pulling her leg. She totally fell for my bull, "I'm pretty sure they wouldn't survive in Canada." "Seriously? You think I am being serious? Of course, they wont survive outside... but we could build a botanical garden for you both to hang out in. It could be off the back of the house. We could invite people over for 'tropical parties' and serve drinks with little colored umbrellas," it just rolled out.

"Stop. Deal the cards," is all that came back after a long sip of her Saigon beer. "How do you feel? We are going on an Easy Rider trip after all?" "I am soooo happy. The next two days is going to be difficult to get through but then we'll be with those two guys. They have great personalities, don't they?" "They certainly do. I wonder how old they are?" We yammered on for an hour about Duc and Lam. The details we didn't have about what our trip would be like. And what we might actually see out there on the road? Eventually, we tossed all of our things back into the bungalow, hit up the restaurant for dinner then went straight to the bungalow to crash out from our long day on the moped. Tomorrow, we were all set to catch the open bus at 7:10 am. We had a wake up call for 5:45am. Plenty of time, to rise, grab showers, get breakfast in us and catch the bus. No problems, we thought as our faces hit the pillows.


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