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June 28th 2007
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Day 94

When we planned to give up our jobs, rent the house out and set off around the globe many people we told said they thought we were brave to do it, lots of people said they wished they could do the same and plenty of others said they couldn't give up home comforts for the hardships that we would face over the next couple of years. We heartily agree with the last as we sit on the veranda of our bargain priced, beachfront bungalow watching the palm trees wave over the white sands of Mui Ne. The travelling life is mighty tough!

We arrived in Mui Ne at around lunchtime (which is about 11.30am in Vietnam) and settled into our bungalow. We had decided that we'd treat oursleves to some higher priced accomodation for our couple of days at the beach and got our bungalow for around 7 quid a night, around twice what we've been paying in Vietnam so far.

We spent the afternoon at the beach enjoying being back in warmer climes again. Mark set off down the beach to explore and found a load of locals who invited him to join their game of football.

We spent the evening at the resort cafe chatting to some other travellers.

Day 95

Today we did what we'd come here to do - nothing! We spent the day relaxing on the beach and in our small and quiet resort.

Day 96

We were being picked up for our bus to Saigon at about 1.30pm so we wanted to spend the morning seeing more of what Mui Ne had to offer. A very small town with little more than a main street and some bunglaow resorts, Mui Ne is famous for its sand dunes.

We hired a moto for half a day rather than taking the organised tour and our first stop was the Yellow Sand Dunes. We hadn't even stopped the bike when we were mobbed by a crowd of kids who were determined to persuade us to slide down the dunes on their piece of plastic. The competition between the kids for your business is extremely fierce "If you slide you slide with me - I'm your number 1" and soon broke out into fighting. We wandered the dunes briefly before setting off again without sliding - how can you choose one to go with and not start a full scale war!

Enjoying the peace of being back on the bike we next stopped at the Red Canyon. A spectacular sight with plenty of lizards to keep you company.

Our last stop of the morning was a visit to the white sand dunes (imaginative names around here!) which were much more peaceful and looked like they'd come striahgt out of Lawrence of Arabia - all we needed were some camels!

Taking the bike back we had some lunch and then boarded the bus to Saigon, a city we liked as soon as we arrived. We found some bargain accommodation and then went out to sample the local bia hoi where we had all we could drink for the evening and it still came to less than a pound! We love this place!

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1st July 2007

Hi ya I am also jealous of all the new sights and surrounding you are experiencing and the moment! I have to say the crazy house looks great. Just the sort of things I would love to explore. Short update of us. Well, as side from avoiding the flooding and moving house to Ledbury we are all well. Tim started his first week at work and nearly quit by day 5, we're still waiting to see what Monday brings. Emily is well and still VERY active. I'm planning a water birth and people keep giving me funny looks for it. We are in Manchester for the weekend as we had uni friends wedding in Leeds yesterday, but I have had to avoid the trafford centre as they are on high alert because of all the car bombs and stuff over the last few days. One of my best friends, Nic, who I'm sure you will of met, is now 5 days over due and getting rather grumpy! Right I'll love you and leave you. Hope your both still well oh, Tim wants to know why Mark's belly is dissapearing when his is still growing! I keep telling him it must be a sympathy belly to join me. Ha, ha love Amy and Tim P.S. yOUR'll like this Chrissie - my school got OFSTED 5 days after I left! Thank god I got out in time!
1st July 2007

world tour scam
alo harry and mary those white sand dunes look suspiciously like the beach at southport.and crocodile lake looks like coniston water! in fact i think your scam is coming apart at the seams.ive now got the feeling that when i go to australia in the new year im not goin to see you because you wiil be in kendal eating mintcake while i look a right numpty on the other side of the world! please confirm you wiil be there cos the train to the lake district is a lot cheaper than buisness class on quantas. .........luv ya
2nd July 2007

Its Raining Here Too ...
...If its any consolation!! Although here it is supposed to be summer.... !Buxton has stood up well to the rain (it is afterall fairly used to it), other parts of the country, including Sheffield just down the road, havent done so well and are under loads of water. Despite the rain we continue to try and enjoy life without you! Friday we were at Anna H's in Manchester to go to her Birthday Fancy Dress Party. Pete went as Ozzy Osbourne which well and truely freaked me. Saturday we were scouting out pubs for our 30th in a couple of weeks and then treid to go to Romeo and Juliet in the Pavillion Gardens, only to have it rained off and put into the Church instead. Sunday we dug up the first of our potoates on the allotment and then ate them!!!! Yum yum. Keep well you two. Tara for now. Catherine

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