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August 2nd 2012
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Day 12
We had a bad night for mozzy bites last night; so far, and it is only 7am..... Nadia, Ben and myself have been attacked in the night.

Today we are going Ninh Binh town. We have been in the province earlier, but this is our first time in the town itself. We will be staying in a proper hotel! We are all really looking forward to a proper shower again. The cold, feeble excuse for a shower really doesn't cut it! The National park has been another good experience, but one I will be pleased to move forward from!

Breakfast started off by looking promising. last, but no was cucumber, nice bread, and yet omlette between 6 people! We are counting down to leaving!

The ride back to Ninh Binh was long and hot. As we left the National Park we stopped off to visit the monkey rescue sanctuary which is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, breeding, research and conservation of the endangered primates of Vietnam. We also visited the Turtle Conservation Centre (TCC). The TCC is involved in a range of conservation activities including establishment of assurance populations for five priority species, raising awareness, training of enforcement officers, research, and building interest and expertise, particularly amongst students in research and conservation of Chelonian. Then back on the bus.

We had a few stops for the overheating engine. We supplied the water for us to be able to make it to Ninh Binh, which we did successfully! We have just arrived at our next place. Yayyyyyy... It is a hotel with showers and wi-fi. The bites from the last stay are still coming out; bed bugs and mosquito!

We went down to the local market, again, everyone stares as if we have two heads! They stare because of our skin colour, I think! A really good meal tonight?..also actually were served enough food to feed us all, which we haven't been over the last three days! Early night in, a nice hot, clean shower, closely followed by a nice clean bed.....hmmmmmmmmm

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3rd August 2012

Nice travel blog
I'm enjoying the blog Les, looks like you're all having a great experience if not a little bug bitten... Some great photos and witty writing. It's good to read the experience, I think I would have been gutted with plain pancakes too! Take care and enjoy the hot shower! Steve
3rd August 2012

Hi Steve
Its good when I get comments like that cos it makes it worth while doing! Thanks Ps, I am loving it!

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