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Asia » Vietnam » Red River Delta » Ninh Binh » Tam Coc April 15th 2018

Tam Coc, located in Ninh Bình provence, is a small town with similar scenery to Halong Bay. We took a river boat through Tam Coc which went through a few caves, revealing picturesque landscapes of the clear lake and magnificent rock formations on the other side. The ladies paddle the boat using their feet; it’s an impressive technique which saves them a lot of energy! We came to a little floating market on boats where the ladies would hassle us to buy fruit and other merchandise. Like I’ve said before, they have inventive ways of selling us crap. The weather has been disappointing so we couldn’t rent mopeds due to slipery road conditions, so we did what we do best and drank beer through the day instead. We witnessed an insane thunderstorm on the night; we ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Red River Delta » Ninh Binh » Tam Coc January 23rd 2018

We took the public bus from Hanoi to Ninh Binh, which took us about 2.30 hours. The bus was very full. Shaun ended up at the very front while Victor and I were at the very back. There was music and videos on a small screen... We were surprised (to say the least) to see that, on the screen were displayed pictures of naked women... We had never seen anything looking a lot like porn in a PUBLIC bus before and it was pretty disturbing! We arrived in Ninh Binh, where we took a taxi to Tam Coc, where we had decided to stay. We stayed in the first hostel we saw, which was cheap but not very clean and were the owner's son was interestingly rude... It was still quite early so we had a ... read more
Grey skies but amazing background!
On the boat
Having fun on the boat!

Asia » Vietnam » Red River Delta » Ninh Binh » Tam Coc May 4th 2017

Arriving from Haiphong into Ninh Binh after a two hour minibus ride I found a nice little hotel for the nicer price of $100,000VND and set out to wander this pleasant little city. It was the official "Liberation Day" here in Vietnam and many families were outside in the parks or on their patios eating and drinking and enjoying their time off. It was nice to see a little bit of daily life going by in front of me as I strolled. I made it to the market where all manner of produce, meats, and fish were on offer as well. Markets are always an interesting place to walk around. It seems that thier is always something someone is willing to buy and eat and I usually have no idea what it is. My reason for ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Red River Delta » Ninh Binh » Tam Coc December 7th 2014

VIETNAM Now into our 6th week of traveling the norm is staying quick on your feet and ready to move sharpish. We have seen a seventh wonder of the world but it does not compare to the beauty that Vietnam holds in her smile, people or atmosphere. From Hanoi to Halong Bay back to Hanoi, sleeper bus jam packed to Ninh Binh with some pushy locals showing us who’s country were in. on second thoughts they would more likely be Asian tourists as we have not seen any badness from any Vietnamese. Ninh Binh was a shock to start with, getting dropped off at the side of a road, using sign language dancing techniques to get around and Pati being felt up by the local restaurant (female) owner adds to the experience and makes us feel ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Red River Delta » Ninh Binh » Tam Coc October 18th 2014

Je joins les photos et la contribution de Simon ! Bizzz Laurence ------------- Salut tout le monde ! Je me décide enfin à écrire ces quelques lignes et comme Laurence a très bien décrit nos différents points de chutes, je n'ai pas grand chose à rajouter quant à notre parcours. Je vais donc principalement vous faire part des éléments qui ne sont peut-être pas essentiels pour la compréhension de notre itinéraire, mais qui permettront de vous faire partager un peu plus notre expérience. Premièrement, ces quelques lignes ont été difficiles pour moi. Non par manque de choses à raconter, mais parce que j ai entrepris cet exercice dans notre premier sleeping bus vietnamien, dans la campagne de phong nha. Un sleeping bus vietnamien, c'est un bus classique doté de trois rangées de deux étages de couchettes, ... read more
Da Nang

Asia » Vietnam » Red River Delta » Ninh Binh » Tam Coc November 4th 2013

And I'm back! So it's been what, three weeks since I left you hanging after my Yunnanese escapade. As I mentioned, I haven't gone far. It was just another trip back down to the Hekou-Lao Cai border with Vietnam (no 3h traffic jam this time though, thank goodness), followed by another 9h bus ride to the storied northern capital of Hanoi. And I've been here ever since. Why the long stay, you might ask. Well after the few days I'd spent here last year (in addition to the couple of times I'd visited even before, in the past), I developed the inkling to plan for a slightly more extended stay, just to explore the city in greater depth, like I've done for Bangkok in Thailand. So here I am. But this entry isn't about Hanoi. To ... read more
Tam Coc
Bich Dong Pagoda
Tam Coc

Asia » Vietnam » Red River Delta » Ninh Binh » Tam Coc July 29th 2013

Today was a good day. I had my own personal motorbike driver to take me round the main sights of Nimh Binh. First being Tam Coc. This is the Ngo Dong River that runs through mountains and natural caves. It was cheaper for 2 people to go in a rowing boat and luckily there was a guy from New Zealand waiting at the paying booth. I didn't mind sharing. So we got in our rowing boat where a Vietnamese man rowed us down the river with his feet. It was so impressive. The sun was out and my surroundings were pretty amazing. We got to a point where there were many ladies in boats selling drinks and snacks. I was warned about this. They asked us to buy a drink for our rowing guy so I ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Red River Delta » Ninh Binh » Tam Coc June 6th 2013

And so there stood the American, upon the soil that the Americans had so tragically enriched with ash, ‘what are you to make of your legacy here?’ I pondered to myself. And where even was the rubble, had this war been a thousand years ago - where were all the people, the victims, the sad and weary peasants starved and bombed out? Well the wounds are still here, so deeply ingrained that many visitors can walk the streets with barely a notice given, but Vietnam has changed and if you aren’t one for facts, figures and the like, then allow me to bear witness personally on your behalf. Ninh Binh is a reflection of your average American city, albeit a small one whose residence are slightly younger and more commercially oriented, mind you - but if ... read more
Paddling Through Tam Coc
Halfway up the Mountain
Taking Refuge from the Sun

Asia » Vietnam » Red River Delta » Ninh Binh » Tam Coc July 29th 2012

Day 8 Today is another free day as it is Sunday. There were two choices that we came up with; some wanted to swim in a pool at a local hotel, and some didn't. I was with the ' did nots' as I felt, although I could seriously just dive into a lovely clean blue pool, I also think there is more to see, and I would rather do it whilst I have the chance. After breakfast the 'poolers' set off. The other group, which were; Amberlee, Roisin, Britty, Nadia and myself, hired bikes to go to Trang An caves/ grottos. The bike ride there took us through small typical Vietnamese villages. Most of the locals are very friendly and pleased to shout, hello, as we pass by. Some are obviously aware of the paleness of ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Red River Delta » Ninh Binh » Tam Coc July 28th 2012

Day 7 Today the breakfast just didn't seem to be enough! Bread, bread, and more bread! I felt like that about the eggs previously, now, I would really enjoy a scrambled egg.Today is a free day. We have made a group decision to hire bikes and go to Hang Mua, otherwise known as the dancing cave. We hired bikes for journey. It does cause a stir when a group go 17 white skinned Europeans go cycling by. The bike ride was good fun, not too hard and the weather was not too hot. We arrived at the foot of the cave. OMG! It is huge. It is very impressive with a small grove of trees, but the main attraction is the pagoda at the top. It is a simple alter to Quan Am who is the ... read more

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