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October 19th 2013
Published: November 13th 2013
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I was very apprehensive about traveling alone to this part of the world. Things were nerve wracking getting ready. I had chosen Cathay Pacific Airlines via Vancouver for the Pacific route, and am sure glad I did. I had chosen Premium Economy, and it was wonderful! Footrests. How can such a little thing make such a big difference? I am 5’3” and my feet never touch the floor. The simple multi-level foot rest, like buses have, got the backs of my legs off the seat and blood flow was ultimately better. Out tiny cabin had it’s own toilet which stayed clean and fresh through the 13 hour flight. We left Vancouver at 2:20am, had a dinner, mine was a diabetic meal with lovely fruits and vegetables with moist chicken. I slept 8 hours straight. When I woke I was offered a light breakfast of eggs and fruit with coffee. These flight attendants were so kind and professional throughout the flight. I arrived in Hong Kong for my connection and thought to myself “that was the best coach flight I’ve ever been on.” It was good to have connecting flight information and terminal numbers on the entertainment screen before landing. The new HKG Airport is lovely, the shopping area rivals Heathrow, but it’s easy to get lost in transit, and the Cathay screen information was most helpful. I made my Dragonair connection to Hanoi with ease. They also served breakfast, though a far bit below the Cathay standard, but nice service, though I do prefer Boeing aircraft to Airbus for comfort.

After waiting at the wrong baggage carousel for a while with some fellow bleary eyed passengers. I asked a uniformed officer for Dragonair and he pointed to another Baggage carousel area, I scooped up my allowed 25k of luggage and headed out. Customs was a breeze, nothing to declare, green light.


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