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June 25th 2012
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We were up at 6:00am today as we had to packup, have breakfast and be in the lobby by 7:00am for our flight to Hanoi. We jumped on a minibus aNd made our way to the airport, checked in and boarded our flight on time to leave at 8:40am. A little over an hour later we landed in Hanoi.

We jumped on another minibus and made the 50 or so minute drive to our Hotel; Hong Ngoc 5.

Lucky our rooms were ready so we threw our stuff in and made our way down to the streets of Hanoi.

Bruce had suggested we try Bún Cha which is a broth type soup that had char grilled pork patties in it and you add in noodles and beanshoots and various other things. Apparantly places that do it are few and far between and they only do it for lunch. We did find a place though, and it was with all the locals but they were happy to have us sitting with them on plastic chairs in what almost appeared to be their living room. It was delicious, one of the best meals we've had, and it was so filling.

After lunch we just walked the streets, looking in the shops which were mostly all the same; full of knockoff tshirts and wallets and belts and ray ban sunnies. We walked down to the Hoàn Kiêm Lake and took a few photos before walking for a while though a few other streets then heading back in the direction of the hotel.

Carly spotted a Toni and Guy hairdressers so popped in there and had her hair done. I sat in there for a bit before heading back in the direction of the hotel to see what else I could find. Nothing. So I just headed back to the hotel, sat in the lobby for a bit then went and called home on the free wifi before showering and getting ready to meet in the lobby by 5:30pm.

We jumped in special electric powered tourist cars that Bruce had organised for us to drive through the old quarter on the way to the puppet show.The puppet show was rubbish compared to the one was saw in Ho Chi Minh City.

After the puppet show we walked to a restaurant for dinner, tonight on the menu for me was chicken with cashew nuts and fresh spring rolls with a cocktail. The chicken was delicious, the spring rolls were below average.

After dinner we walked through the streets to get back to the hotel and stopped off for coconut icecream on the way.

Made it back to the hotel and was packed up and in bed nit long after 10:15pm as we have to be ready to leave in the morning by 7:00am for our drive to Halong Bay.


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