Hoan Kiem Lake and my memories

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August 1st 2011
Published: July 31st 2011
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Hoan Kiem lake in nightHoan Kiem lake in nightHoan Kiem lake in night

Everytime I go to Hoan Kiem lake, I feel very comfortable and love this place
Hoan Kiem Lake (Ho Guom) has come in to many photos as well as articles. And with me, this lake is one part of my life. It keeps many of my memories, both happy and sad ones.

When I was a pupil, I wished that I would become a travel guide. Just because I wanted to travel to many places and my mind of a child only thought that a travel guide could go many places and It’s really a good job. However, now, I am a student in one of the most famous university in Vietnam but not for travel field, my major is business. One thing which is still true with me now is that I love to travel. Oh…. Back to Hoan Kiem lake, yeah… I shared with many people about my dreams, my parents, my friends, my teachers…Someone encouraged, someone laughed…I tried my best to prove that I could… I wondered what a travel guide did and how they did. After that I tried to imitate a travel guide by introducing about travel destinations in Vietnam. And of course, living in the countryside, my family was not very rich, so I didn’t have chance to travel. Everything is from books I read as well as from my imagination. I still remember the first place I chose is Hoan Kiem lake with the famous historical legend of King Le Loi giving back the sword for the Turtle. It’s the popular story that every Vietnamese child learning by heart. At that time, I imagined that Ho Guom was really beautiful and sacred, I could come here and meet the mysterious turtle, pray many things with him.

Growing up, I entered an university in Hanoi and live not very far from Ho Guom. I am really happy for this. At least once per week I go to here. I can stay here for several hours and do nothing, just only see the mirror-like green water face of the lake and see people around here. It’s really comfortable as if you are completely out of the noisy world around.

Sometimes I came here with my friends, with my boy friend also. It’s very romantic for a couple of love to be here hand in hand. And this lake also keeps my sadness when my boy friend and I were not in the same way of love. But over everything, Ho Guom is still one of my favourite places. I still often come here with my friends or sometime by myself. I can meet many foreigners here and be willing to tell them every things I know about Ho Guom. And you see, I sometimes become a free travel guide, no need to join any Vietnam travel companies. It’s one of my hobbies, no longer to be dreams. Yeah… How to say… my dream has come true….


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