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May 25th 2010
Published: May 25th 2010
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I finally did it! I cooked on Sunday night, with the very appreciated help of Sarah and Adelaide (who both are wonderful cooks). We prepared diner for 5. I decided to do a typical Lebanese table with lots of mezze, depending on whatever ingredients i could find here! So the final choices:
Wa7ad Hummus
Wa7ad tabbouleh
Wa7ad (kind of) moutabal
Wa7ad Battata Harra
Wa7ad Kafta bil fern
Oh et Adelaide a fait une pate a pain, on en a profite pour faire quelques fatayers! 😊
Incroyable hein! Et puis aparement c'etait pas mal... tout le monde a bien mange.

Sinon j'ai passe un weekend assez sympa, au sons de Reggae. On est sortie vendredi, diner (viande au poivre) et puis drinks au cheeky quarter http://newhanoian.xemzi.com/en/venue/show/2056/The-Cheeky-Quarter et puis MORE drinks and a lot of Rhum au Roots bar hhttp://newhanoian.xemzi.com/en/venue/show/1159/Roots.

There are loads of nice places to go out here, and people are tres tres chilled out tout le temps!

Samedi, petit bronzage a la piscine et le soir c'etait la teuf dans un coin perdu de Hanoi (organisee par le roots bar, avec un MC) pareil tres bonne soiree 😊

et le plus lazy des dimanches (toujours fidele a mes lazy sundays) with however a little fantasy touch! One of my colleagues asked me if I would like to come to the park to play with kids, so they can practice their english (hers and her friends) And of course how could I say no!! It was one of the greatest moment I had in Hanoi. I was surrounded by the 7 over excited cutest vietnamese ever! Most of them spoke english, apparently it is mandatory now at school. The two hours I spent with those little things really made my week! 😊 I told Co, my colleague, to organize another gathering next weekend with 14 kids!!!

And btw I still want to bring back home on little huan..mais ptre pas sur mon epaule droite hehehe (rania)

I'll leave you with the pics

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what the ?!&*@^!(#^??what the ?!&*@^!(#^??
what the ?!&*@^!(#^??

Yeah! It happened even here.. But I can't seem to remenber who put the Rhum in my bag
At Lenin ParkAt Lenin Park
At Lenin Park

Playing with the kids
At Lenin ParkAt Lenin Park
At Lenin Park

Simon says move your fingers...
Scary Mini Me Scary Mini Me
Scary Mini Me

On Sunday, at the park there was this old guy. He makes statuts with rice pastry (pate de riz). He wanted to make one which looks like me... hum!!!

25th May 2010

you are my star!
25th May 2010
what the ?!&*@^!(#^??

oh no!!! not again.... joeellllllleeeeeeeeeee hahahaha
25th May 2010

Once again.. waw :) and i loove the scary mini you hahahaha... i want a little huan on your shoulder (plzzzzzz).. on a besoin dun peu dexcitation ici a la maison ;) je voyage vendredi.. taime
25th May 2010

u are a star!!wow this is just amazing its been over an hour reading all ur entries!! its catchy well written curious entertaining....what can say : a pure delight! keep it up!
26th May 2010

eh l wexyyy the coook!!!pleazee bring a small yuan with you;)
26th May 2010

quel plaisir de te lire! subliiiime les photos ac les enfants :)
29th May 2010

nice wexyyy!! the gourmet cook..t'aurai du faire une space kafta:) biz!
3rd June 2010

jo t magnifique dans tes photos, jador lallure de t plat hahahaha pa mal pa mal sis. yalla yalla akl el libnene a7san chi!!!:D et pui les enfant ils son tro tro minion hehe il tecoute a mor!! tu me maaaaaaaaaaaaaaank!!!! ps: u told ur dear father that u want to bring little huan????hein???hahah
3rd June 2010

lol c titiii g oublier decrire my name:P
10th June 2010

jojooo c emouvant de te voir de la sorte avec les enfants!!!!;) ou tu naime ke les petits viet? yalla fai une folie de plus adopte en un!! yalla o rythme ou on avance il aura au minimim 5 mamans!

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