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May 19th 2010
Published: May 19th 2010
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Happy birthday Ho Chi Minh!!!

To celebrate, I went to visit the mausoleum today. Ho Chi Minh is actually pretty much in a good shape. A little bit yellowish but still well conserved! You are not allowed to bring cameras inside, so I dont have any pics to show you. That's the luxury of my trip, it is completely exclusive :p hihi i'm just teasing you.

In order to conserve the body, they fly him to Russia for a little SPA treat, deux mois durant l'annee il est donc absent!

When you get inside the mausoleum, you literally have seconds to see him, walking around the tomb, you are not allowed to stop! il est couche dans un tombeau transparent, and you're not suppose to talk, or put your hands in your pocket or even wear shorts and t-shirts without sleeves! Vietnamese respect him as if he was still alive, and much more in the North! C'est un peu son fief!

Et il ne faut pas oublier que le Vietnam est encore un pays governe par le parti Communiste!

So I woke up at 7, was there at 8 with Adelaide. We queued for like an hour, got inside for seconds and left!!! 😊
Bon it's worh seeing him, specially on his big day!

Then I went to work! I still have sooo much to do! and I'm preparing a test for friday, or maybe monday! I guess I won't have time to finalize all the questions, as I'm also cooking on friday night for my flatemates and some other friends!

YES i am cooking! and OMG this is going to be fun! i'm not much of a cook! so I'm challenging myself:
First I have to decide WHAT to cook!
Then I have to find the right ingredients, and believe me in this part of the world it's not so easy!
Finally I have to mix the ingredients, and try to do it faut que je mette la main a la pate...

Ca va pas etre tres facile mais bon il faut toujours essayer 😊 vous aurez les details...

J'ai aussi visiter une pagode bouddhiste hier. Another one of those peaceful moments. om!
La magnifique pagode Trân Quôc est construite sur le Lac de l'Ouest et c'est la plus ancienne des pagodes du Vietnam. Elles'appelle aussi "Défense de la Patrie". It is a place where a lot of Vietnamese come to pray!

Inside there is a tree which was offered by the Indian president on his visit to Hanoi. And they say that this tree is part of the tree were Bouddha got his revelation!

J'aurai voulu assister a une priere mais je pense que je suis arrivee trop tard! next time maybe

Good Night Beirut

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It's AAAAALLL good!It's AAAAALLL good!
It's AAAAALLL good!

En sortant de la Pagode, c'etait le deluge! et bon j'avais pas de parapluie donc j'ai fait trempette! :)
Ho Chi Mint Mausoleum Ho Chi Mint Mausoleum
Ho Chi Mint Mausoleum

la longue interminable queue

20th May 2010

20th May 2010

joooooooo c tro bo ....jaime :) hihihiihhiihihihihihi tu teclate tro je suppose ...alors continue mai avec moderation :p..... BISOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUS xxx
3rd June 2010

hayete kes ta cuisiner finalemen?:P

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