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November 10th 2009
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Hi everyone!! Hungry here. After weeks of watching Jeremy and Amy hog the spotlight on this blog, I decided to write one of my own. I am their mascot, after all!

I've been having a great time on the trip, too, when I'm not stuffed inside the bottom of Amy's purse. This morning we all slept in late and when we awoke, it was warm and sunny. First stop was lunch at Pho 24, where we all ate yummy rice noodle-and-beef soup. I even tried chopsticks for the first time! Kinda tough when your fingers are covered in fur and your hands are bigger than your head, but hey...I did my best. People were looking at me funny, but then again they've probably never seen anything as cute and adorable as me!

We walked around the lake again, where I got to use my camera, finally. The world looks really, really big from my perspective! While Amy and Jeremy took a little break by the lake, I went exploring on my own. First I bought a nice cold 7-Up to quench my thirst. Then I headed through a park and looked at cool statues and lots of motorcycles. I tried to talk to some really pretty girls, too, but I guess I'm not their type.

Vietnam is a great place! I'm a little leery walking through the markets, though, as I fear I may end up being the next "mystery meat on a stick." Fortunately most of the meat here is easily identified, so I've been peeking my head out of the purse every now and then just to check everything out. I even got to share a chocolate milkshake with Jeremy after dinner!

Well, I hope you enjoy some of the pictures I took today. We did lots more but the fur between my fingers makes it really hard to type, so I'll let Amy and Jeremy fill you in on the details. Bye bye for now!

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12th November 2009

Does Anyone Love Me??
Hi everyone, this is Hungry again. Did anyone like my blog? No one left any comments. :-( If you like me, let me know so I can do more in the future!
12th November 2009

hungry is too funny
your a touph little guy with those 2 !!!!!
12th November 2009

Hungry the cutest furball around
Hungry I really enjoyed your blog. You are so adorable and so cute I couldn't believe the Asian babes turned you down. Maybe you could try winking the next time or really stand tall and make sure your hair is brushed. They were certainly blind if they didn't respond to you. You have to be careful wondering away from Jeremy and Amy - they would be devastated if something happened to you. After all, you are like their little boy (I think). What did you spend your money on Hungry? Something good to eat I bet. I know Amy doesn't share her food - she is a lot like her mother in that respect - unless it is a real emergency - she'll share then. You keep up with the blogs because the pictures of you and the captions are too cute and adorable. Love (granma) I think?
12th November 2009

You go Hungry!
I love your blog maybe even more then Amy's don't tell her I told you that! And don't worry about the asian girl's they don't know a good thing when they see it. I am so glad that you didn't go across the street too because I would like to hear from you again. Hope your having fun!
12th November 2009

Hello to the world travelers
Hi Hungry, Sorry it took so long to write to you. Things busy here... you know how it goes. I had a chance to read about your adventure today. Sounds like you are having "loads" of fun. Loved your pictures and your unique "point of view" on things, I can see you have the same photo compositional qualities as Amy. Great Shots!! I don’t know what is wrong with those “Asian babes” they don’t know what they are missing! Hope Amy & Jeremy let you out more but it sounds like if they do you wear them out so as to need a rest. So go easy on them, we want all of you to come back safe and sound. Have fun traveling the world and keep in touch Okay? Denise
12th November 2009

HIIIIII I'm commenting as requested. :o) Still always reading...
13th November 2009

Have enjoyed reading about your travels. Had a good laugh at your "asian girls", in fact tonight whilst ordering our vietnamese takeaway (in Perth) there were 3 up on a high shelf.
13th November 2009

love your doll!
"I tried to talk to some really pretty girls, too, but I guess I'm not their type." Reason? 1. Maybe they dont understand what u r speaking 2. They are shy I love your doll and the way u feed him lol. Say my hello to your doll and his owner, nice time in Vietnam!
20th November 2009

this 2 funny:>

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