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February 28th 2006
Published: February 28th 2006
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I just wanted to say thank you for all your comments and thanks for reading. But I guess sometimes it's hard to communicate through blogs...I just wanted everyone to know that Neal was completely kidding when he made the comment about pretending to be a backpacker. It was over beers and we were both giving each other crap about one thing or another. He's a great guy...and it was really nothing. It just got me thinking about how I'm a hypocrite sometimes...and that maybe I'm got as cut out for the rough stuff as I thought I was. There was a time I was going to join the Peace Corp, and now I know I could never spend 2 years in a 3rd world or developing nation. It's just not me. I love it for awhile, but then I need the comforts I am used to.

Thanks again for all the support...miss you all.

BTW, it is now cold and raining...and Hanoi is absolutely insane! Flying here from Vientiane was like getting on a plane in Tahoe and getting off an hour later in the middle of Manhattan! But I love it!



28th February 2006

dude, is your focus whether you are rough or smooth...It takes both kinds....so I should not quit my job, and move out there...just kidding!

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