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June 6th 2008
Published: June 26th 2008
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Doctors grandchildDoctors grandchildDoctors grandchild

It would be hard to find a more cute child than this one belonging to the Accupuncture Doctor.
Vietnamese Acupuncture

Finding medical help in Vietnam is not easy. In Hanoi and other big cities, there are some foreign medical clinics which cater to foreigners. In the big cities, there are a lot of drug stores that dispense medicine without a prescription. For the rest of the country, the people rely on their traditional medicine, local herbal concoctions passed down from generation to generation in families.

I endured lower back pain every day of my six months in Vietnam. I also had a cold much of the time and once a sore throat. I dealt with my infirmaries the best I could with medicine from the drug store for colds and the sore throat. For back pain, I could give myself a chiropractic treatment on a park bench. These concrete park benches were around Hoan Kiem Lake and had a slanted back with a rounded top. I could sit on the bench and move up and lean back and the bench would put my back in place.

My friend Loannie was always worrying about my health. She had contacted polio when she was 8 years old and took acupuncture treatments everyday until she was 13. She credited
Biking to the Doctors houseBiking to the Doctors houseBiking to the Doctors house

The fun ride to the Doctor's house took me across the mile long Long Bien Bridge.
acupuncture with curing her polio. She wanted me to try it. So I agreed, believing it probably won't do any good but I wanted to experience the treatment.

Loannie's Mother agreed to take me to their acupuncturist. So, Loannie, her Mother and I all showed up for my appointment at the acupuncturist house. The acupuncturist was a woman who had a man assistant. After visiting for some time they took me upstairs to the treatment room.

Before they stuck the needles in me the man assistant went all over my body with acupressure treatment. This was jabbing his very strong thumb in to certain points on my body. This was extremely painful.

Then they put the needles in. Then they attached the needles to electric wires and sent pulsations of electricity through them. I suppose, I laid there about 30 minutes as my body was jumping around from the electric shocks.

After the acupuncture treatment, the man assistant then worked on me with different chiropractic adjustments. This wasn't directed to anything in particular, he just tried to crack every joint in my body. What the purpose of that treatment I don't know. The women acupuncture doctor
Man, bike and sugar caneMan, bike and sugar caneMan, bike and sugar cane

This man is taking sugarcane to market.
told me she had been doing this for over 35 years. She told me she had a son who did the same thing and I should take the rest of my weeks treatment from him as he lived closer to my hotel.

After the treatment they invited Loannie, her Mother and me to lunch. This turned out to me a wonderful meal that we all enjoyed. My cost: Three dollars.

The Doctors son lived a thirty minute bike ride from my hotel. It was a fun bike ride and I enjoyed going to his house. He gave me the same treatment I got at his Mothers only he was even more powerful and I felt really beat up with his chiropractic treatments.

After a week of treatments, I felt a little improvement with my arthritis pain but that was all. My friend from the U.K. Claire also took the treatment. She had taken acupuncture in London many times. She positively thought the doctors treatments were wonderful. I recommend her blog:

For me, it was just another experience in Vietnam.

Additional photos below
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Road side standRoad side stand
Road side stand

I would always stop at this roadside stand for tea before my treatment.

Extremely painful.
Medicine cabinetMedicine cabinet
Medicine cabinet

Next to the cabinet is a photo of the Doctor as she was in the Army during the war.

28th June 2008

medical treatment
Cute picture of the doctor's grandchild. I thought you were going to tell us that your lower back pain was cured...sorry that didn't work. I know I wouldn't have liked the chiropractic adjustments!
7th April 2010

Then they put the needles in. Then they attached the needles to electric wires and sent pulsations of electricity through them. It was not acupuncture All the best.Yuriy.
3rd July 2010

is this true?
how can we detect if a man was a virgin by using the medical treatment of Accupuncture? is this true? so that we can control the large number of imprisoned people who are just said to be a rapist? and we can reveal who are the true rapists and imprison all of them! :)
8th July 2010

Roxanne, your comments are way beyong my knowledge of accupuncture. My blog is just about my experience in Vietnam which was not that successful. I am told that accupuncture is more a long term thing. When I got home I got some accupuncture for the same problem, back ache, and it was totally different and more successful. I got this accupuncture at Wichita Kansas with a Dr. Gio, a man of Chinese descent.
17th July 2010

can you share the name of a reputable (this acupuncturist?) acupuncturist in Hanoi for the the treatment of insomnia?
25th July 2010

I am sorry I have no phone numbers of acupuncture doctors in Hanoi. The ones I went to did me know good. I found one in Wichita KS, USA who did do me some good.
3rd August 2010

Acupuncture is a famours devide long time ago,you know why some one does not like it,because it make you hurt,secondly few acupuncturist is not good,I want to tell you that it really magic,if you have any problem you can try in 362/1 Nguyen Tri Phuong Da Nang city.telephone:0914015214 for any request,welcome
16th September 2010

I am supplying Acupuncture and Message treatment. Also teaching Tai chi and Qi Gong . Call me if you need help : 0977107329 , in Ha noi
14th November 2011
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