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April 2nd 2008
Published: April 13th 2008
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LG takes over HanoiLG takes over HanoiLG takes over Hanoi

Wherever when you look up there are these banks of LG compressors. Thousands of them on every street.
We have both woken this morning covered in welts and blisters, Ian the worst. We are thinking several things here - food poisoning of some sort or worst Scabies. A very short walk and the spots and welts are getting worse. We decide that it is time to use our insurance and head to SOS International Clinic.

3 hours latter we are walking our very relieved, it’s an allergic reaction. Just something that we have come into contact with. We cannot work out what it is. Very easy to remedy with a course of anti-histamines. Ian has both oral and intravenous, me just oral.

Relieved we can now start to see the city. We wander streets that are dedicated to the sale of just one thing. Be it Shoes, Clothing, Rope, Burial Supplies, Fabric or Sweets. It’s just amazing to walk down a street and see thousands upon thousands of pairs of shoes for sale. Every shape, colour and size.

The touting never stops and does start to wear you down after awhile.

The day has been pretty full with a walk around Hoan Kiem Lake visiting the Huc Bridge and the Jade Mountain Temple. At the other end of the lake is Thap Rua the Tortoise Tower. Finally as we are wandering it is time for lunch. The town is full of micro breweries, each with their our brew to sell, Bia Hoi. Beer here is brewed in a Pilsener style and then drunk - no time for aging or clarification so most of what we sampled was cloudy but good. Sad in many ways that beer here is cheaper than bottled water - wish it were at home. A glass can cost you as little as 3000 dong (19 cents).

DVD’s have been added to our luggage - prices here are incredible with DVD’s at less than a dollar.

Dinner is an experience in this town - at least you can make it one. We decide on a corner stall. Sort of a buffet - we point they serve, really quite funny. Rice, Pork Patties, Tofu and Plantain, Roast Pork and Chicken and vegetables all washed down with beer for the pricy sum of 194,000 dong ($12). The food is good!

Another short stroll (more DVD’s purchased) and it is back to the hotel to watch National Treasure (Book of Secrets) and then to bed.


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