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February 10th 2008
Published: February 10th 2008
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"Tết” is the Vietnamese Lunar New Year. It's also the most important event of the year for the Vietnamese people. Similar to Christmas and (Solar/Gregorian calendar) New Year celebrations, Tết is an occasion for family reunion and merriment after a long year of hard work. For an agrarian country like Vietnam, it is also a short rest period before the hustle and bustle of the oncoming spr... Read Full Entry

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Banners and flagsBanners and flags
Banners and flags

Banners and flags outside the Trade Fair in Hanoi.
Lucky branches Lucky branches
Lucky branches

"Cành lộc" (lucky branches) of different colors.

These flags could be seen at the traditional festivals.
Peach and kumquat treesPeach and kumquat trees
Peach and kumquat trees

Both trees are the symbol of Tết in northern Vietnam. They are planted at a flower garden by Hoàn Kiếm lake in Hanoi.
The offerings at pagodaThe offerings at pagoda
The offerings at pagoda

This boy has the offerings on his head before heading to the main pagoda for praying.
The rats at a festivalThe rats at a festival
The rats at a festival

This is another famous traditional painting in Vietnam. The rats are raising a flag, beating a drum, performing "lion dance", etc. This shot was taken at the Trade Fair in Hanoi.
Lucky moneyLucky money
Lucky money

Lucky money inside the red envelope from my father on the New Year's eve, and a gift (red bean cake) from my Japanese boss Ito san.

10th February 2008

Great info
This was great info about the Tet. I hope you had a good time celebratig it. I do wonder what is the difference between Tet and Chinese New Year?
10th February 2008

Tet and Chinese New Year
Thanks Jan for an interesting question. As the Chinese ruled Vietnam for 1,000 years, our culture in many aspects was influenced by the Chinese. Both Vietnamese and Chinese celebrated the lunar new year. However, our Tet is still based on our own lunar calendar. Most of the years, our Tet and Chinese new year are celebrated at the same time, but last year 2007, our Tet was one day earlier than the Chinese new year. As I am responding to you, Vietnam Television is announcing about some traditional customs and festivals in Hanoi and other provinces. There are many festivals in January and February (I mean the Lunar Calendar).
12th February 2008

Thanks for all the photos of Tet in the North, especially the hoa ào... M×i nm hoa ào nß L¡i th¥y ông Ó già Bày mñc tàu gi¥y Ï Bên phÑ ông ng°Ýi qua... I was wondering if this kind of "caligraphy artists" still exist in Ha Noi during Tet?
13th February 2008

Anh Sunrise, this Tet was too cold in Hanoi, so "Ong do gia" (as you called "old caligraphy artists") couldn't wear an Ao Dai and sit by some street. Last month, when we had a photo exhibition "Hanoi in the old days and today", I saw some "Ong do gia". We always show our respect to them.
7th April 2008

Wonderful memory I had about Tet in VN , I really miss it. We used to cook banh chung in a big aluminum vat which took about 10-12 hours ( in the US, we used a pressure cooker which cooks in about 2-3 hours, just not the same!). The atmosphere was just magical, esp. during the days before Tet. I will have to make a trip 1 year back to VN just for this. Thanks for the blog.
28th December 2009

Thanks for the wonder artical. You wrote about Vietnamese Tet very carefully, but just only in Hanoi, why don't you try to introduce more about Tet in HCMC. I think it would be more exciting. Anyway, thanks a lot, you make me love my country much more than I were.
29th December 2009

Reply to Sam
I live my entire life in Hanoi, so I know it well. But now I often choose to travel abroad during Tet, as it's my longest holiday (9 days). The only thing about Tet in HCMC (Saigon) that I know is that there is flower decoration in the city's center (Nguyen Hue boulevard). I heard many people in HCMC also travel during Tet, so it may be different with most Hanoians, who love to stay at home, visit relatives, enjoy food and drinks.
11th November 2015

Ambassador of Vietnam !
After reading your last few blogs I feel that you are good ambassador of Vietnam. The blogs are full of facts of Vietnam culture,customs and traditions.Besides the lovely photos. Wow !

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