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February 7th 2008
Published: February 18th 2008
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Culture is expressed by the fine arts but everything to me is culture. Hanoi is rich in culture. Looking at the list of major libraries in Hanoi I count 33.

Museums are too many to count. The museum of Ethnology is probably the best. All of the museums are first class in my opinion. They have a museum for everything including a museum for women.

Many of these particular venues I have already written about. So, for this blog entry I just walked around the block and tried to give you the flavor of Hanoi.

There must be hundreds of tube art gallarys in Hanoi. They are everywhere. If you don’t like what you see most will paint what you want.

There are a lot of book stores which are very popular with the Vietnamese and foreigners.
What you see here is a very small sampling of what is available just a short walk from my hotel.

The Hanoi's Museum of Fine Arts is a few more blocks away but worth seeing. It has a great representation of Vietnam's art. It is just across the street from the Temple of Literature. The first Library of Vietnam.

Additional photos below
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Around Hoan Kiem LakeAround Hoan Kiem Lake
Around Hoan Kiem Lake

What are they trying to say?
Around Hoan Kiem LakeAround Hoan Kiem Lake
Around Hoan Kiem Lake

Whatever I am thinking is in my mind only.
Around Hoan Kiem LakeAround Hoan Kiem Lake
Around Hoan Kiem Lake

I haven't figured out what this place is used for. It has a guarded gate. I just walked through and took some photos. It is right on Le Thai To street on the west side of Hoan Kiem Lake. The tree is a work of art itself.

18th February 2008

Art in Hanoi
Interesting to see some of the art around Hanoi and know that you found some Converse tennis shoes there.
21st February 2008

Great pictures Kent! I loved that museum :)
4th March 2008

awesome pictures
i have to say that all those pictures are so awesome . the expression of that culture makes me think that people around the world might have differences , but at the end they just follow the thing in waht they believe . Thanks dad converse for showing me this...
13th February 2009

That building you don't know what it's for...
They're the offices of the The People's Daily - the official newspaper of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam...just so you know :)

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