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November 18th 2007
Published: November 18th 2007
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St. Joseph Cathedral.

The neo-Gothic looking St Joseph Cathedral must be considered the Mother of all Catholic Churches in Vietnam. It was inaugurated in 1886 and is a wonder to behold. You definitely get the feeling of medieval Europe. But that is just the architecture. The spirituality of the overflowing congregation, what ever preconceived notion you had, leaves when the Mass begins.

You are aware of the great acoustical qualities in this Church. Also if you get a side seat you will not see anything because of the massive pillars.

Behind the Church are some beautiful murals. Also a grotto which seems to be standard fair for all Catholic Churches in Vietnam.

St. Joseph Cathedral testament to the early Catholic missions to Vietnam which date back 1679. About 10% of the Vietnamese population is of the Catholic faith. The second largest in the Far East. Only the Philippines have more.

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19th November 2007

Your church visit
Kent, Just to let you know that our first Ambassador to Viet Nam Pete Peterson was married to his Viet Kue wife from Austrailia at the church during his term in Hanoi. Also KU won 44-7 against Iowa State. Nextr sat they play in KC at Arrowhead against Missouri. KU is now #2 in the BCS polls and mizzou is #3, Oklahoma lost yesterday to Texas Tech 49 to 32, OU's quarterback was injured in first series of plays to a concussion. Talk to you soon! Mikke Meyer
19th November 2007

Hi Kent
You're back! It's so great to see Vietnam again through Travelblog :)
26th November 2007

Hi Kent, Interesting to see the large European style churches due to the French influence. My 12 college friends from Thailand went to 12 years of R. Catholic schools, but have remained Buddhists. Carole

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