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March 21st 2007
Published: August 6th 2007
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I lost this blog when the website went down...some of the photos are still there. I'll upload it again when I can find it...

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A game of cards anyone?!A game of cards anyone?!
A game of cards anyone?!

It's not in many countries that you can have millions!!

26th March 2007

Hey There Travelers!
You both look like you are having a fabulous time! And you look like sisters! Will you be in Europe anytime in July? Dwana and I ( who do not look like anything like sisters) are booking flights to France for a week around that time. It'd be great to meet up! I'm still ballroom dancing three times p/w and loving it! Bye for now. Love Wendy PS Are we the first blogbaks?
27th March 2007

Hey Ducky, Man that looks and sounds fantastic - I sent an jealous e-mail the other day - did you get it? It looks like you are having a fantastic time - you make me really excited about travelling :) I can't wait. How much longer have you got in vietnam? and where do you head to from there? Looking foward to getting some postcards and hearing more about your fantastic adventures. Keep enjoying life and the world, Love Sophs :)
27th March 2007

Hey dulcara wats up, im sitting in the school liabary pretending to study, hows the travel been how long are you going to stay there for? matts very lonely without you, he cried again yesterday, and theres only so many man hugs you can give in a month. ok have fun and please bring me back a local(tidy one), to clean my car and do my sewing. ok catchya spoon!
27th March 2007

I sent you a post card a few days ago...to your uni hall....so let me know when you get it! Hows uni going? Is Morry in Dunners too? Anyway, will write you a proper letter soon...have fun in the freezer! Love Dulkara

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