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June 10th 2012
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Not sure quite what it is, but judging by the look of his eyes, im saying opium.
6,000 Miles Later

....I find myself in Hai Phong.

2 hours south of Hanoi and not really in your monthly edition of the lonely planet, this industrial coastal city also known as the 'city of the red flamboyant' has just invited me into its clutches via a short internet job post, 30 or so emails and the promise of a more fulfilling lifestyle.

So, I'll be teaching English at the AIE Language Centre run by a very efficient and well dressed lady, My Linh.

I'm not really into lengthy essays, so throughout these posts i'll keep it short and sweet, with a few pictures thrown in.

I have been here for 3 days and have taught for 2 of those days for a total of 9 hours, no training, just chucked in..... this may give you an idea that demand far outweighs supply, hence the decent salary ($1,150pm).

Either way, I got through it unscathed and am now looking forward to the rest of the week, 20 hours planned in total.

Having been in Thailand and Cambodia last year, I thought I knew what to expect from the city,
Scaffholding, really?Scaffholding, really?Scaffholding, really?

Looks like the health & safety rules here are not quiet as strict.
I was wrong, happily.

Additional photos below
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Not so Beverly Hills ChihuahuaNot so Beverly Hills Chihuahua
Not so Beverly Hills Chihuahua

There were 3 of these little things, pets not food. This one was the only one willing to get her photo done.
Pho BoPho Bo
Pho Bo

1st meal in Vietnam - Beef Noodle Soup
Western HandsWestern Hands
Western Hands

I thought I was pretty good with chopsticks, but not doing myself any favors here.
Hai Phong Pavement Badminton ClubHai Phong Pavement Badminton Club
Hai Phong Pavement Badminton Club

Me and im calling him 'Lenny' stop for a spot off badminton during the hot afternoon siesta.
AIE Language CentreAIE Language Centre
AIE Language Centre

The school where myself and 3 other English teachers work.

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