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Asia » Vietnam » Northwest » Yen Bai January 4th 2016

Il est temps de reprendre le vélo pour une nouvelle étape qui va ce dérouler, environs 350 kilomètres avec petite étape pour randonné en montagne tous ça sur 6 jours ! Le premier jour commence par une belle descente de 35bornes jusqu'à Lao Cai ou nous allons prendre le train pour évité 50 bornes de grande route, le problème c'est que nous nus retrouvons à la merci des Vietnamien qui vont nous faire boire leur vin de riz pendant les deux heure de train que nous allons passer avec eux, cela vas nous obliger en sortant du train à trouver directement un hotel car impossibilité de reprendre le vélo... Après une nuit bien reposante il est temps de reprendre la route pour Yen Thé encore une belle journée pour profiter du paysage à vélo ! Le ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Northwest » Yen Bai October 12th 2012

I am just back home after traveling 2,450km by local bus, taxi and motorbike in 7 provinces of the North West and the North East mountain regions of Vietnam. This was the longest road trip I’ve ever made. I had traveled for 27 days from 13 September to 9 October and it was also one of the most interesting trips of my life. I had a traveling companion on this trip and we shared some sections of the road. We visited more than 15 villages of the H’mong, Dzao, Thai, Mường, La Hủ, Tày, Nùng and Cống ethnic minority people. There were so many great memories and expriences on this trip. What made us remember most of all was the friendly people we met on the way. All began with a simple conversation or greetings which ... read more
Terraced rice fields in Chế Cu Nha commune
Terraced rice fields in La Pán Tẩn commune
H'mong women on the rice field

Asia » Vietnam » Northwest » Yen Bai July 28th 2012

This is Part 4 and also the final part of my 7-day solo trip in the North West of Vietnam by local bus and motorbike. Friday morning (July 20), I got a mini bus from Lai Châu to Lào Cai at 9am (115km). On this section I went on Hoàng Liên Sơn pass (altitude 2,030m) which is one of the most dangerous passes in northern Vietnam. The pass is 45km in length and shared by both provinces Lai Châu and Lào Cai. It was so misty on the Lai Châu side, while the sun was shining on the Lào Cai side. The mini bus also passed by Sapa which is a popular tourist destination in the North West region. I have been there twice, so I decided not to visit it on this trip. After I ... read more
On the way from Sapa to Lào Cai
Thịt trâu cuốn lá lốt (buffalo meat)
A boat on Thác Bà reservoir

Asia » Vietnam » Northwest » Yen Bai July 25th 2012

This is Part 2 of my 7-day solo trip in the North West of Vietnam by local bus and motorbike. After leaving Suối Giàng, I traveled by motorbike to Nghĩa Lộ town. On the way I passed by Mường Lò rice field which is the second largest rice field in the North West of Vietnam. There were farmers working on the fields and I could feel good smell of the rice. The first thing I did in Nghĩa Lộ town was to check out timetable for the bus to Mù Cang Chải on the following day. After finding a good guest house, I spent time walking along the National Highway No. 32 toward Mường Lò rice field, but I coulnd’t walk too far as it was getting dark. Tuesday morning (July 17) - I got a ... read more
Inside the bus from Nghĩa Lộ to Mù Cang Chải
Bánh cuốn chả (steamed rice cake)
Painting of terraced rice fields

Asia » Vietnam » Northwest » Yen Bai July 23rd 2012

This is Part 1 of my 7-day solo trip to 3 provinces (Yên Bái – Lai Châu – Lào Cai) in the North West of Vietnam by train, local bus and motorbike (from 15/7 to 21/7/2012). On Sunday afternoon (July 15) I got a slow train from Hanoi to Yên Bái city. The train ride takes 5 hours as it stops at many stations. It was so pleasant to see Hanoi and the countryside landscape from the train, although the train windows are fixed with metal screens. When I got to Yên Bái city, it was 6pm. I went to the center of the city, but then decided to go back to the railway station and stayed overnight in this area, as it was easier for me to get a bus next day and go to ... read more
Landscape on the way to Suối Giàng
A little H'mong girl standing on tea tree
Skirts of Red H'mong women

Asia » Vietnam » Northwest » Yen Bai October 24th 2009

Ngày đầu năm, cùng cơ quan cũ đi thăm đến Hùng... read more
Photo 4
Photo 5
Photo 6

Asia » Vietnam » Northwest » Yen Bai August 31st 2009

Signing back on again. I am in Phu Yen and the hotel I am at does not have internet. Last night Yen Bai was a very large city but Phu Yen here appears to be much smaller. The hotel is again older but clean. No TV here but the a/c works and the hotel has an amazing garden/courtyard outside. Old giant trees completely cover everything in shade and they have plants and flowers and shrubs all over. There are rabbits running around and hamsters and birds in cages everywhere. I came out here after a shower to sit and enjoy the shade and have a beer. I have some tunes in and just starting to type my update for the travels. Nothing really crazy today. We left Yen Bai and headed here. It is like I ... read more
Green Hmong
Riding hot!

Asia » Vietnam » Northwest » Yen Bai December 20th 2008

Hi guys, Another short one i'm afraid and no pictures as yet i don't have my camera lead with me. Spent the first week at the volunteer house in a small village called nahm ding near to the north coast. There are 6 girls on the trip with me and we are having a great time, they are all really nice and we are getting on great. We have done all sorts of things to learn about the local culture including vietnamease language lessons, playing with the local kids and teaching them english, painting the kindergarten, a cooking lesson which also involved going to the local market to but the ingredients- fun as we had just learnt the words for the things we needed and we had to ask for everything in vietnemease, ended up with ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Northwest » Yen Bai April 7th 2008

The Battle for Cold Mountain - Tony Tick vs. The Internet Whore 13/02-14/02/08 A few years ago, a movie by the name of Cold Mountain came out. I never saw it, mainly because it stars Renee Zellwegger, a woman of astonishingly little talent, who's only true skill appears to shaping her lips to perfectly imitate a tight, puckered arse. I'm guessing somewhere within this film, there is a mountain. I'm assuming that this mountain is a little nippy, perhaps containing features such as snow and icy winds, and that the residents of said mountain are frequently required to wear several layers of thick, warm clothing. I don't know where the film was set, or which mountain it was that kept relations frosty. All I know is, it can't have had shit on Tam Dao, without ... read more
Gregg eats a Chili
My Hat Says Dylan
Walking to The Telecom Tower

Asia » Vietnam » Northwest » Yen Bai April 4th 2008

"F*cking Minorities" 08/02/08 Friday morning. We recount tales of sodomy close-shaves, unwanted breakfasts and future mother-in-laws to the rest of the group, and then leave on a private bus at 9.30am. Our destination is the Ngoi To Village, somewhere in the Vu Linh District (I'm reading this off my schedule sheet. Truth is, I rarely know where I am, who I'm with or what the fuck I'm doing). The village is located near Thac Ba Lake, which covers an area of 23,400ha and contains 1,331 Islands. It's a big lake, folks. Vietnam is home to around 54 officially recognised minority ethnic groups, and this is the first one we visit. The morning doesn't begin well. My bodily functions have been all over the place since switching countries, and I'm sure the rice wine isn't helping. ... read more
Medicine Cheese
Stop Touching My Head
The Lake

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