Photos from Sapa, Lao Cai, Northwest, Vietnam, Asia

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Local performance in the Cat Cat village
It's always time for few spring rolls in Vietnam...
Happy days...
On the trek...
Sapa...rice terraces...
local Red Zao woman
one of many Hmong girls walking with us from Ta Van
terraced rice paddies around Sapa
amazing freindly people around!
my little helper! gorgeous! :)
trekking around Sapa
another day of trekking with beautiful scenery around...
our trekking group with our host in Ta Van
dinner is served! yum!
dinner in the making!
beer time!
Is Grant buying something again? Hmmm... ;)
adorable but naughty boy not listening to his granny :)
local house on the way to Ta Van
local Zay grannie
dinner for the next day... poor piggie :(
so cute! kids taking care of their little siblings
rice paddies around Ta Van
on the way to Ta Van
getting closer to Lao Chai
more rice paddies on the way to Lao Chai
kids watching over buffalos
water buffalo chillin' ;)
getting closer to the river
most of the girls had huge earrings and all sorts of things pinned in their hair
Hmong women of different generations
local Hmong women
Hmong girl on the way to Lao Chai
following the river all the way to Lao Chai
enjoying the trek!
amazing trekking route around Sapa!
incredible rice paddies on the way to Lao Chai
trekking around Sapa with an umbrella :)
trekking around Sapa
little Hmong girl
us trekking around Sapa :)
lovin' it all! :)
terraced rice paddies around Sapa
Grant with his presie :)
Hmmm... Grant seems to be slightly taller than the local girls ;)
that would be my friend, Ta! :)
Hmong girls ready to hand out their presies
trekking around Sapa
two local girls accompanying our group on the trek
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