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July 26th 2013
Published: August 15th 2013
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Today, another guy Martin (Austrian) joined us in our dorm. We all went for breakfast and Martin and I went out walking. Another beautiful sunny day. I looked tanned compared to martin. He told me he burns easily and I could see he was quite pasty. Arriving back at our hostel around 3pm, Martin and I chilled in our dorm for the rest of day, me reading and he was uploading all of his photos from the rest of his travels.

Heading out again a few hours later, Martin and I got chatting to a lady named Lenka and we went to the market foods inner together. She seemed to know a few of the locals there as she had eaten there before. I only fancied vegetable fried rice...it was soaked in oil so wasn't great. Lenka was taking a class at 8pm so we had to get back. If I haven't already mentioned, the hostel gave free English lessons to children for an hour in the morning and in the evening. I also joined in with the teaching as Lenka was from Ukraine and wasn't always too great with her English. I also chose some songs for the children to sing, some including movement like head, shoulders, knees and toes. Lenka, Martin and I went out for a stroll around the town. It was very busy, the Church was lit up with changing lights. It was pretty. Lenka wanted to do some shopping so I helped her choose some scarves. She was very excitable and chatty.

The next morning, taking my laundry down to be done, there was a Vietnamese girl sat reading a book. I started chatting to her and she knew some English. For the next few hours, I was teaching some basic English to Sam May also a boy named Hung. I was then known as 'teacher'. This few hours felt very rewarding, even though sometimes frustrating due to the language barrier. They were so lovely though. We ended up by playing hangman with English words, however, when they had a turn it was in Vietnamese.

Later on, Alexander came strolling in from his motorbike ride and we took Sam May and also Ku (a 19 year old girl who worked at the hostel) out for some dinner at the market. We held Sam Mays hand and swung her down the street. I think she enjoyed our company.

Unfortunately, I left this evening on a bus to Hanoi as I was moving on to my next destination, Nimh Binh.


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