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January 24th 2006
Published: April 16th 2006
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The last couple of days have been hard, physically and mentally, but they have blown my mind. Picking up where I left off, I was walking back from the internet cafe when I passed by another bia hoi stand. They said "bia, bia" and motioned me over so I joined them. They spoke pretty good English, probably better than the other bia hoi place I frequent. The were vets and we talked about the wa... Read Full Entry

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Zay woman and boyZay woman and boy
Zay woman and boy

the red mark on his forehead is a cure for a headache- putting a heated buffalo horn on his head to suck out the bad things. It leaves a mark for about 3 weeks
You again?!You again?!
You again?!

They followed us all they way up here!
Hmong kids in a Hmong houseHmong kids in a Hmong house
Hmong kids in a Hmong house

A whole new level of adorable
Smoking the tobacco water pipeSmoking the tobacco water pipe
Smoking the tobacco water pipe

Headrush! Then I started coughing and they all laughed.
Bon bon?Bon bon?
Bon bon?

One moreOne more
One more

Because they are that cute
The aftermathThe aftermath
The aftermath

the horror!
Sapa schoolSapa school
Sapa school

Total anarchy!
Snake and scorpion etc whiskeySnake and scorpion etc whiskey
Snake and scorpion etc whiskey

I haven't gotten the balls to try it yet
Tourist part of SapaTourist part of Sapa
Tourist part of Sapa

I also saw the Vietnamese part when I went to Anh's apartment in the worker's ghetto. Night and day.
Sunni modeling my hatSunni modeling my hat
Sunni modeling my hat

The Hmong just make these hats, they don't wear them.
Mimi and CNN on IraqMimi and CNN on Iraq
Mimi and CNN on Iraq

Try explaining the concept of a suicide bomber to her! :(
Sapa cats sleeping by the fireSapa cats sleeping by the fire
Sapa cats sleeping by the fire

They had the right idea!
What can I get for ten dolla?What can I get for ten dolla?
What can I get for ten dolla?

This is our hotel in Hanoi

Character building

24th January 2006

Great Blog
Dear Kate, Great photos and writing. You are having a great time. I leave HCM City Feb 15th. Maybe our paths will cross. Kent
24th January 2006

Dear Kate, Love the blog... thanks for the regular updates and great photos. Got muddy just reading about it! Hang in there, get enough rest. Be safe...keep the news coming. Love Dad
24th January 2006

Wilma and all the peeps at work say hi and they hope you are well. how's your poop? gettin it out OK? just gotta keep you regular. take care and we all love ya and miss ya
25th January 2006

Hi Kate! Glad you made it to Nam safe and are enjoying the Bia Hois. Love your stories and Pics. I'll be keeping tabs on you and your Asian adventures. The fun has just begun... :)
24th February 2006

Hi Katie, It sounds like you are having a great time. Mayela says Hola(@OCHS)! She misses you (gringa) and so do we. Love your pictures, especially the one with the bong. Maybe you should intern at National Geographic next? Be careful!
13th April 2007

Awsome blog.
Stumbles into your blog. Easily the most entertaining blogger I came across. Modern Talking, this 80s band literally make Chuck Norris cries, glad you got to experience it haha.

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