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Asia » Vietnam » Northeast » Thai Nguyen April 3rd 2013

Days 1-4. Having an amazing time here in Vietnam after an eventful flight from Heathrow to Kuala Lumpur. We were just about to take off and the plane was ordered back to base and surrounded by police. They then came on and took off a woman and child who were trying to leave the country illegally! Luckily the two hour delay did not stop me from missing my connection to Hanoi. On day two we had a tour of Hanoi and enjoyed a visit to the "Hanoi Hilton" which is actually the prison. It was named the Hanoi Hilton by American prisoners of war. Originally built by the French to imprison Vietnamese who were against French rule it was then used by the Vietnamese during the American War. One famous inmate was John McCain the Republican ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Northeast » Quang Ninh » Halong Bay April 1st 2013

It had to be something we'd eaten. Not long after calling it a night, we both started to feel a bit ill, and our worst fears were realised as we began fighting for the bathroom to violently expel the contents of our stomachs. It was one of the worst nights of my life, and I couldn't believe our trip had taken such a disastrous turn so soon. Rach was worse off by some margin, and there was even talk of how we could throw in the towel and fly home early, though it quickly occurred to us that a 10 hour flight in our condition wasn't the best idea. Carrying on wasn't the most attractive option either. On most other holidays you'd have the option of recovering from such an unfortunate ailment in your hotel, but ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Northeast » Quang Ninh » Halong Bay March 31st 2013

I was initially excited at the prospect of our Ha Long Bay cruise. An hour into the minibus ride to the boat, however, I would just be happy to get there alive. The driver seemed to be intent on getting to Ha Long City as quickly as possible, no matter what sort of insane, close shave overtaking manoeuvres that meant performing. Coupled with the shocking state of the roads closer to Ha Long - I'll certainly not complain about the comparatively dinky potholes that litter UK roads again for a while - we were pleased to finally arrive and be whisked onto the Paloma Cruise boat. Ha Long Bay is a stunning place, with thousands of limestone islands dotted around for miles, and a relaxing cruise seemed the perfect way to experience the unusual location. After ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Northeast » Ha Giang March 31st 2013

25th Mar – Today we went on a walk up a path to a view point that was sheltered by a small pointed building. You could see the mountains towering behind the town. When we got down we asked if we could look in a lady’s house there was a big room with a mat on the floor and a small cooking stove in the corner. Then we went to a river where I had a swim. Finally, we went to a food place where I saw some guts outside in a glass case. 26th Mar – Today we went to a market where we saw lots of different thing, for example, tribes, cattle pigs, birds, clothes, and food. We felt quite hungry so we went to have some food and we got a massive bowl ... read more
Gut or Woof
Honoree Guests
Guts by Jonathan

Asia » Vietnam » Northeast » Ha Giang March 30th 2013

24th Mar - Today we went on a five hour walk where we walked through villages, giant boulders, rice paddies and houses. We saw a massive place seperated by a river and it was China. It was very dry and had loads of massive hills. There were people in black and their tribe was the Tay. The colourful tribe was the H'mong. We went to a view point and we were like 20 metres high. There was a school and you could see inside. One class had been doing English and the other Maths. The market earlier, was really busy and the men dealt with different things from the ladies. Men = birds, buffalos, and dogs. Ladies = pigs, cloth and wine. The birds were in such small cages and the pigs were getting dragged along. ... read more
I am a Passenger
80 Plus
90 Plus

Asia » Vietnam » Northeast » Ha Giang March 30th 2013

23rd Mar - Today we woke to the sound of the dog chasing the chickens. After the horrible start we went to see the pigs. The family had two buffalos, chickens, pigs and fish. After we went on a one and half hour walk, we saw lots of rice paddies and poor houses. Jonathan In the morning we went for a one and a half hour walk. We saw a very little waterfall but with enormous boulders. There was a very traditional village, which we walked through. It was different because there were stilt houses and there were loads of rice paddies. In the village we gave some children sweets, their reaction was to smile but they were very shy. There were loads of chicks and hens. We were walking past mountains and enormous forests. It ... read more
Home for the Night
Too Old for this Load
Too Young for this Load

Asia » Vietnam » Northeast » Ha Giang March 30th 2013

22nd Mar - Today we went on a long car journey through Vietnam. On the way there we went to a local place where lorry drivers stopped off. We ate sticky rice, long beans, pork, omelet, cucumber and mint. I went to the toilet but met 4 dogs as big as me on the way so thought that was a bad idea so I didn’t go. When we got to the village we stayed in a stilt house. Jonathan We had a long drive to Ha Giang. The problem was our driver, Mr Thanh, was so slow. We were meant to pick up our guide at 11:30am. Our lunch was horrible it was spinach, pork with loads of fat on, and tofu. Everybody dropped their fat on the floor and there were bones everywhere. I put ... read more
Truck Stop
Stilt House Dinner
Doms with Joe

Asia » Vietnam » Northeast March 27th 2013

27 March Back on the train from Hong Doi to Hue. Thankfully only three hours this time. I am having a quiet confrontation with a person who is lying on my lap again. It is a battle of wills which I am unlikely to win, but the irritation I am causing gives me great pleasure - sick puppy? Look at the pictures and judge for yourself. We missed our train last night and ended up staying in Dong Hoi for an extra night. Our motorbike exploration of a bit of the Ho Chi Minh trail detained us too long, but my god, it was so worth it!! I am sorry we didn't just plan to stay here for two days to start with, instead of trying to rush through. We will have to come back. In ... read more
ipad stand
fields of rice and ancestors
views from the train

Asia » Vietnam » Northeast March 13th 2013

Despite 4 hours of sleep I was up for a killer run before Halong Bay. I had to wake people to make my breakfast and there was some hassle about whether I should pay now or later and when nobody had change it was decided upon that later would work. I ran to Kevin's, all frazzled but made it there in time to enjoy breakfast with him. I should have payed the extra dollar and moved to his hostel, their breakfast was so much better. We were picked up and piled into a mini van. A few hours later we were getting off and hopping on a boat. It is fair to say the boat looked nothing like the photos we we shown. Sure maybe ten years ago the boat looked like than but now, well ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Northeast » Ha Giang March 11th 2013

De afgelopen week was echt zalig! Eigenlijk ging ik een week werken in Ha Giang. Een provincie in het Noord-Oosten van Vietnam. Dit is de armst provincie van het land en ook de provincie waar tot nog toe amper toeristen komen. Sinds 2010 heeft Unesco een gebied in de provincie erkend als Geopark. Dit wil zeggen dat het gebied erkend wordt vanwege zijn uitzonderlijke geologische waarde en unieke landschap. Maar verder is er ook heel wat cultureel erfgoed in de streek aangezien er 17 etnische minoriteiten in het geopark wonen. De overheid probeert nu om het toerisme in de streek te stimuleren als een middel om armoede te bestrijden. Het management van het geopark is nu bezig met de uitvoering van een strategisch actieplan om dat te bewerkstelligen. Eén van de componenten van dit actieplan is ... read more

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