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Asia » Vietnam » Northeast April 25th 2020

Rock the Cat Ba! “Halong City’s out, Catba Island’s in”, The words echo all throughout Vietnam. Since the cameo of Cat Ba island in King Kong Skull Island, Travellers far and wide have flocked to the Island to witness first hand the beauty this Halong island possesses. Though chances of spotting King Kong are rare- Primape enthusiasts come to Catba in hopes of seeing a monkey just as rare, The Cat Ba Langur. The Langur still is one of the most endangered primapes in the world, in 2003 numbers fell as low as 40 after being hunted for sport and traditional eastern medicine. Though the population of Langurs are slowly growing, Langures are still registered as critically endangered and protected in Cat Ba National Park. The best way to get to the national park (and anywhere ... read more
Taken from a very Sketchy summit of Monkey Island
On the pole again
Hospital Cave

Asia » Vietnam » Northeast » Quang Ninh » Halong Bay July 30th 2019

We were woken at about 4.00am by a massive bang and we looked out to see a biblical storm going on. Thunder and lightning, which was extremely close and extremely loud. We could see the flashes of light, but not the lightning itself as there were thick, grey clouds and rain was pelting down. It wasn’t looking good for the rest of the day, particularly as we had been warned that if the lightning got too bad, we would be going back to port and the day would be a right-off. We went back to sleep and were woken by some more noise at 6.00am, but this time it was our alarm (yes, we are getting up at 6.00am on holiday) as there is Tai Chi on the deck for everyone who gets up in time. ... read more
Cat Ba Village
View Over Cat Ba
Halong Bay Beach

Asia » Vietnam » Northeast » Quang Ninh » Halong Bay July 29th 2019

We’re leaving Hanoi today, but it is not “goodbye” yet as we will be back again in a few days. We do love the independent travel, but it is something less to worry about when there is a transfer car waiting for us again to take us to the next location, Halong Bay. Like the car from the airport, there is both a guide and a driver, just for the two of us. Apparently, also (and this must have been lost in translation), they will wait there for us for three days to take us back to Hanoi. It took a while to get out of Hanoi, taking on all the mopeds. Despite the chaos, however, we have not seen a single accident since we have been here, although there were a few times people were ... read more
Rich People’s Road
Halong Bay
Boat Deck

Asia » Vietnam » Northeast » Quang Ninh » Halong Bay May 23rd 2019

An overnight trip through Halong Bay was a highlight of the trip. The pictures will speak for themselves and show the natural beauty of the area. I was also able to visit the Surprising Cave system, one of the biggest in Vietnam (though the biggest cave system in the world is south of here). Absolutely beautiful views, fun fellow passengers, and a cute ship made for an interesting trip.... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Northeast » Phu Tho April 4th 2019

It’s often said you should strive to see “so and so” before you die. Usually by those who have recently been to “so and so” and really want to be acknowledged for their adventurousness in going to “so and so”. In that same spirit then, can I extol the virtues of Halong Bay in Northern Vietnam? Dare I mention it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the seven wonders of the natural world? Recognised for its outstanding beauty and its trademark network of limestone karst. Should I outline that not only will we see Halong Bay but, we’ll also experience it by cruising overnight on a specially designed tourist vessel. Journeying deep into the maze of vertical volcanic plugs and rock formations. Perhaps, I’ve said too much already. And when you know Carolyn, and ... read more
Ahoy, you lubberly swabs.
Framed Karst
Wendy & Mark. - cave dwellers?

Asia » Vietnam » Northeast March 14th 2019

After a couple of days in central Vietnam, I took a night bus from Phong Nha to Hanoi. This would be the base of my travels in Northern Vietnam : Ha Giang and Castaways. I arrived there on Tuesday, March 5th, at 4:30AM and I shared a grab with Kurtis from Australia and with another guy to my hostel, VBH. Fortunately they always have some nice comfortable sofas somewhere and so I got another couple of hours of sleep. When I got up I didn’t want to just spend the day in the hostel and so I decided to join the free walking tour of my hostel from 10AM to 1PM. It was nice to get to know the Old Quarter of Hanoi, but the tour wasn’t great. We didn’t get any explanations and just walked ... read more
Photo 04-03-2019, 21 39 12
Photo 04-03-2019, 21 40 29
Photo 04-03-2019, 21 40 37

Asia » Vietnam » Northeast March 14th 2019

Nach ein paar Tagen im Zentrum von Vietnam habe ich einen Nachtbus von Phong Nha nach Hanoi genommen, von wo aus ich dann meine letzten Touren im Norden von Vietnam machen würde : den Ha Giang loop und Castaways. Ich bin Dienstag den 5. März um 4h30 in Hanoi angekommen und habe mir mit Kurtis aus Australien und einem Freund von ihm ein Taxi zu meinem Hostel, dem VBH, geteilt. Zum Glück gibt es in diesem Hostel immer irgendwo bequeme Sofas und so konnte ich dann noch ein paar Stunden schlafen. Als ich dann irgendwann unsanft von den Putzfrauen geweckt wurde entschied ich die Free Walking Tour mitzumachen statt einfach nur im Hostel rum zu gammeln. Die Tour startete um 10h und dauerte 3 Stunden ; sie führte uns durch die Altstadt von Hanoi, war aber ... read more
Photo 04-03-2019, 21 37 37
Photo 04-03-2019, 21 39 12
Photo 04-03-2019, 21 40 29

Asia » Vietnam » Northeast » Bac Kan March 4th 2019

In march 2019, we went with a family on a trip to Vietnam. Our group consisted of me, a spouse, a son of 5 years and my mom. We chose the flight from Moscow to Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) by Aeroflot. We decided to make our way from south to north along the coast. The first item was Saigon. We arrived early in the morning, the city greeted us with the stifling and humid air, a crowd of people and a furious movement. However, as in most cities of Southeast Asia. Booked in advance the transfer from the hotel, chose a hotel in the tourist center, close to the main attractions. It was called Brilliant Hotel. The hotel is located in a nondescript side street, among other buildings. Very modest hotel. But we are only at ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Northeast January 24th 2019

We are now sitting on the S Coast of Thailand, Tubkaak Beach, for our final days. Another amazing Trip! And a great place to celebrate my birthday! A week ago Sunday we flew from Bangkok to Hai phong. Our last night in Bangkok we had the opportunity to have dinner and drinks with Norm and Ellen Batt from Caldwell. They were just starting their 3 week trip of SE Asia. It was great fun to see them. Hai Phong is about 120 kms east of Hanoi and the closest airport to Ha Long Bay. We spent 2 nights on Cat Ba, the largest island in the Ha Long Bay area. We had been told, Ha Long Bay is very busy with all the larger boats so we decided to just hire a fishing boat from our ... read more
Map of Cat Ba Island and Lan Ha Bay
Beautiful Lan Ha Bay
View from our  fishing boat touring Ian Ha Bay

Asia » Vietnam » Northeast » Quang Ninh January 3rd 2019

Ha Long Bay; HaLong Bay Celebration 12 2018 12-19-2018 Halong Bay, Ha Noi Toi thuc day som de nhin thay Ha Long bay tux a va tu tu den gan vi Ha Long Bay rat dac biet, khong co noi nao tren the gioi co Natural resourse huy hoang nhu the nay chinh vi the Tau Cong rat me Ha Long Bay tim du moai cach de an cuop Ha Long Bay. Do la so truong cua Tau cong. Tu xa toi thay nhung hon da nho bay dau lo nho tren mat bien, tiep tuc sau do la nhung dai dao da nho chay dai tren duong vao vinh Ha Long. Cac du khach tren du thuyen cho san de chup hinh va ho rat say me voi phong canh tuyet voi nay. Du thuyen ... read more

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