Photos from Ha Giang, Northeast, Vietnam, Asia

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Cat Hai pier - back on mainland.
We got janked around getting back to the mainland
Coco Bar at Catco #3
Golden hour vibes
The path to Cat Co Beach #3
Welcome to the World of Lizarding
Long bois!
Yep, they out here eating starfish
Now this is what we prioriize
Ha Long Bay
Ice cold cocos after the hike
The summit before the actual summit
Hiking stuff
Who invited the orchids again?
Sweet jungle icebergs everywhere
Im no Ansel Adams but I fuckin tried.
Paradise found.  Someone call Leo!
Not too shabby for $40/night
Honeymoon suite at Oasis Bungalows Cat Ba
Hoan Kiem Bridge at night
This kinda stuff is everywhere.
Back in Hanoi in way better spirits!
Ultime Moto Tour
Sven's Class
Sven's Student
Happy Water
Teachers of Panda School
Farmer Dance
Louca's Favorite
Rice Fields
one more step back....
wedding party flower trampling
to the valley below
China to your left, VN to your right!
FullSizeRender 4
Misty Mountain Hop
FullSizeRender 2
Me and Mr Hieu at the gateway to Ha Giang Province
Kilometre 0 at Ha Giang city(?)
couples in the blossoms
flowery fields
makeshift cattle loading
more aerial
China on yr left, VN on yr right
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