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August 2nd 2006
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well most people will have got my crazy long email about what has happend to me so far and its been mad! but im happy to say that i got my bags today so im very happy and VERY relieved! didnt realise how much stuff i had till i started un-packing!!

today, my second day, has been another hectic day!! woke up at 7 after a good sleep but could of slept for another day as i still feel very jet lagged! Started off the day in Tam Thahn a smalll village next to the beach. Driving through Tam Thanh was a very unusual experience to say the least... every single person stopped what they were doing and either waved or said "allo" as they all do here! i soon realised that many of the locals had never seen white people before and definately didnt have cars so we were definately going to be noticed!! when we got to the school myself, robin and liane began our lesson which started with a song!! quite embarrassing as i cant sing but hey they enjoyed it!! and even sang along!!
its so lovely being with the children bcos they are so friendly...they all have these big grins and ask you "what is your name" and "where are you from" (if they can speak english)
Tam Thahn is a new project that we started today.. this is because last year the road fell in so the GVN volunteers couldnt get to the tam thanh so its pretty exciting to be starting the new project. It was quite cool bcos there was a journalist there for something else but heard our lesson and came and took loads of photos and interviewed us for a national paper!! so we will be famous!..well in vietnam anyway!! lol

All together there are 4 projects that i will be working on - Tam Thanh, the baby orphanage, the home of affection (for slightly older kids) and a lesson at the local hospital for staff and their children!
This afternoon me, liane and maddie (a girl who was already here) went to the hospital and taught the people there which was completely different to this morning's program but still really enjoyable! I even got asked out for coffee by this really sweet, vietnamese girl afterwards!

I have just been planning my lesson (on my own!..pretty daunting!) for tomorrow morning at the home of affection! its only with 4 children and im really looking forward to it! but it took me ages! just basics like colours, opposites, shapes and link words but obivously i am not a teacher so it takes a while! The classes apparantly will get much bigger at the home of affection bcos there was a typhoon just off the coast here a few weeks ago, which i had no idea about! but abt 85 fishermen from the local village died and the mothers cant look after the children anymore so they have been bringing them to the home of affection...


3rd August 2006

great work
Your dedication deserves a gold star ! Good luck with your journey. You should be proud of what you are doing, make sure you have time to have some fun too. /A

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