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November 7th 2012
Published: November 7th 2012
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We have been in Vietnam for almost two weeks and I haven't even given you a full “holy crap I'm in a new country!” report... what a slacker.

Well Vietnam has been full of pleasant surprises. Before coming to this country we heard a lot about how unwelcoming the locals can be; luckily we have received only smiles and helpful advice. The locals are generally our main source of information when it comes to food we should try or places we need to visit so their kindness has been greatly appreciated.

Some things I have learned since we arrived: the coffee is very strong, I really don't like caves, riding on the back of a moto-taxi isn't as scary as I suspected (and is a very cheap way to get around) and Vietnam is just as beautiful as I had hoped.

To be completely honest, I'm quite distracted right now and I'm finding it difficult to come up with things to say. Maybe it's because we have been so busy that I haven't been able to absorb it all yet, or maybe it is because my mind is simply elsewhere.

I hate to be that person but I've got to share something in this public forum to get it off my chest... I need help. My Grandfather is very sick; he has been in the hospital for almost two weeks now with different infections and his 89 year old body seems to be shutting down. Luckily he is strong and I believe he can get better. Thinking/worrying about him and the stress my family is under have been consuming most of my days. I've been sending as much positive energy and prayers back to Canada as I can muster but I was hoping our readers can help me and my family out. I've never been all that religious so I don't even know if it's appropriate to ask others to pray for my cause. Maybe it's selfish, I'm really not sure. But at this point, from this far away, it's all I can do. Love you Grandad.

I promise to fill you in on Vietnam as soon as I can, but unfortunately I can't today.

Thanks for listening, sorry for being so out of sorts.

XO Rebecca


7th November 2012

Thank you for mentioning Daddy. I believe his strength comes from the adventure you are living that gives him willpower. He wants to see you 2 when you return. As you know he travelled many miles in his youth and admires what you and Tyler are doing. Prayers are obviously working because he is getting stronger and better as time goes on. Continue enjoying your time away and pursuing for dream. The family is strong and we are supporting one another. He wants you to continue and go forward. He'll have some blog catching up to do once he is home, but he knows where you're at. Love you soooooo much and Miss you, Mamma
9th November 2012

I am a " religious" person, in fact a Christian. I will pray for your Grandad and your family. I pray your Grandad has strength to heal and that your family will remain strong for him and themselves. I also pray for you honey that you will not worry too much. I do not know your Grandad but I can guess that he is mighty proud of what you're doing. Hang in there sweetie!! p.s. you never have to feel "selfish" in asking for prayer. It is something I have always found comfort in myself. Miss you!!!
9th November 2012

Re: Prayer
Hello Flower, Do not worry your grand dad is in great hands and the many prayers have been working. Ma & I are in touch often and she keeps me appraised we think of you both often, take care! Lots of love and cuddles. xx xxx
10th November 2012

Good morning Vietnam
Sorry to hear obout your Grandad, Rebecca. I DO believe in the power of prayer and in no way are you being selfish in asking others to pray for him. Try not to worry - soon he will be strong enough to go home so he can continue to read your wonderful adventurous blog. Life certainly can be a life altering journey. I am so proud of you two travelling this great adventure and sharing it with us. I willpray for your Grandad and the rest of your family.Take care of Rebecca,Tyler Love, Grandma Shirley xoxo
12th November 2012

Prayers for Grandad
Hi Becs and Ty, We will definitely be praying for your Grandad Becs. To ask for prayer is a great thing to do. The more people praying the better. There is great power in prayer. Just remembering that Jesus is with him. In the book of Matthew in the Bible it says, "For when two or more have gathered together (in prayer) in My (Jesus) name, I am there in their midst". Sounds like your Grandad is strong and we pray for him to grow stronger. Hope you can feel some peace with this. Stay in touch and keep us posted! Much love to you both! Mom xoxo

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