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December 15th 2011
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My travel plans were exciting - we got to Hue and then the plane did a funny thing and stopped mid-decent only to "take-off" again mid-air..... then we were told that the weather was too bad - we'll take a holding pattern... then 15 minutes later – “we are diverting to Da Nang” It is 2 hours away from Hue by car. Then get off the plane and wait in the airport for 2 hours- watching the CRAZY German run around the airport harassing staff and saying “VAITING VAITING – Why are we VAITING!!!” Honestly he pretty much yelled this every 2-3 minutes. The funniest part was when he met 2 Australian ladies and said “Oh Auzzie’s – you have hoppy hoppy Kangaroo’s” and then proceeded to demonstrate the hoppy hoppy kangaroos by hopping around the airport – before he went back to yelling about “VAITING”! Finally we then get told the plane is cancelled – but here is $20 find your own way to Hue see you later.

Arg. I met some lovely Aussie honeymooners (Stuart and Sharni) who were also in need of a taxi so we shared to Hue. Fun fun – the over 2 hour taxi ride was much more interesting!! I got out to explore Hue in my rain poncho (it's raining in mid vietnam non stop) and did some shopping on my own and then stopped at a restaurant for some dinner. This was later a BIG mistake as my body will STILL not accept food. Even now as I type I am taking frequent breaks to deal with continuing food issues. I just realised this is day 5 of food poisoning issues and if I was in Australia - I'd seek medical assistance, but I am in Vietnam.... so I have decided to skip eating any more than the odd slice of bread / toast until I can get back to Brisbane...Arg. Annoying. But it’s not stopping me going out yet!

I went out exploring the ancient city on my first official day in Hue- but was harassed by a guy with a bike wanting me to ride – I refused but he gave me “advice” on how to get there. The “advice” led me about 5km in the wrong direction – and to the back entrance where you can’t get in. So I continued my walk in the rain till I finally found the entrance. It was so worth it though – the city is beautiful – I only wish it hadn’t been pouring with rain and I could have taken more photos.

Vietnam with it's 80 million people is such a small world that today when I was leaving the ancient city I came across Mal the Irishman who worked in Australia - also leaving the ancient city - and we were both very sick of the rain so we wandered around and found lunch... for $3.50 each! I had a freshly squeezed orange and banana shake followed by vege noodle soup with Vietnam surprise (ie floating dead insects....) The first ant was ok - just fished him out... it was the dead bug followed by the 4th dead ant followed by the 2 tails of some other insects and wings of a 3rd and 4th that really put me off and I stopped eating at about half way. Food is still not agreeing with me tonight.. but the fruit shake was awesome - as was the price. haha Small world hey.

I am sitting in my hotel in Hue as it's p**sing with rain outside and I've already been out in it exploring the ancient city since about 9:45 to 3:00 and at that point I had enough and came inside to read my book about Italy which I've been doing up til now - 6:30pm. Very lazy afternoon. My internet has only just been fixed and I am lucky in this hotel that I have a computer with working internet in my room.

I sat down to the computer after they finally fixed the internet after several hours of book reading to pass the time and now hotmail / facebook wont work... bugger.... so I found a "learn Italian" website on google and I've been sitting here learning italian.... hahah Ironic. I'm in the middle of Vietnam (which I can't speak a word of) learning Italian of which I have now mastered about 10 words. haha

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