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Asia » Vietnam » North Central Coast » Quang Binh November 10th 2019

Turen går sydover og vi nærmer os dermed området for de voldsommeste kampe og bombardementer under Vietnamkrigen eller AmerikanerkrIgen som vietnameserne kalder krigen. Det første møde var en by af tunneller der var gravet ud for kunne beskytte op til 300 vietnamesere mod de amerikanske bomber. Nogle steder var tunnellerne 23 meter dybe for at kunne være i sikkerhed for bomberne. Formålet med det beskyttede område var at kunne sejle forsyninger ud til en lille ø Con Ca hvor man havde antiluftskyts mod amerikanske fly som var på vej til eller fra bombetogter. Hver familie boede i hver deres lille udhulning i siden af gangene. Der var også indrettet hospital og en fødeafdeling hvor der blev født 17 børn. Det er nærmest uforståeligt at det kunne lade sig gøre. Tunnellerne blev benyttet i perioden 1966-1972, altså ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » North Central Coast » Quang Binh November 9th 2019

Næste oplevelse var Phoung Nha-drypstensgrotten. Denne gang var det en sejltur dybt ind i det underjordiske. Grotten var stor og imponerende men havde ikke de kæmpe katedraler som vi så i Paradis grotten. Det er en speciel oplevelse at glide ind i bjerget og sejle på en underjordisk flod. Efter at have sejlet 1000 meter ind i grotten og vendt rundt blev vi på vejen tilbage sat af på en strand midt i grotten. Vi skulle gå det sidste stykke ud af grotte. Stranden midt i grotten minder mig om fortællingen - Rejsen til jorden indre - hvor man finder en sø og en strand midt inde i jorden. Floden gå omkring 30 km ind i grotten hvorefter floden forsvinder ind i jorden. Grotten har mange side arme som er mere eller mindre udforsket. ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » North Central Coast » Quang Binh November 8th 2019

En af tures højdepunkter er besøget i en af de største drypstenshuler i verden. Turen ind til huleområdet gik igennem et UNESCO område med bjerge som lignede øerne i Ha Long bugten. Området et af de største regnskovsområder i Asien med en helt unik vegetation. Man kender til over 400 huler i området. Paradis grotten som vi skulle besøge ligger over 200 meter oppe. For at komme op til hulen skal man op af en sti som snor sig igennem junglen. Inde i hulen er der udlagt træstier så man kan komme omkring 1.000 meter ind i hulen. Hele hulen er over 31 km lang. Når man kommer ind gennem hullet til hulen, træder man ind i en kæmpe katedral med masser af drypstenssøjer. Indgangen ligger i toppen af hule så man få en fornemmelse af ... read more

Phong Nha is a National Park renowned for some of the largest, most amazing caves in the world. We’ve been super excited about coming here as it was recommended to me by my old friend. She was spot on; this is by far my favourite place in Vietnam so far. The sleeper bus wasn’t ideal though providing someone let out with a sinister scream in their sleep which woke us all up and scared the crap out of us. At least now we can see the funny side. We rented a moped and took it to the Botanical gardens, situated in the middle of the jungle with glistening waterfalls. We then drove to Paradise cave. It was phenomenal. I can’t describe how beautiful my day has been, and photos could never do this place any justice. ... read more

After shitty Hue anything would have blown our socks off but Phong Nha was really something special, the drive up in the bus gave you glimpses of what was in store and we were excited to explore when the sun got up the next day. We had our free breakfast (always a winner) and hired a moped to head out and explore the national park. There were beautiful limestone mountains as far as the eye could see. Everywhere was thick dense jungle and the place was really wonderful to explore. We paid entry to Paradise cave which was well worth the money. It was only discovered (by the Brits of course) in 2009 and was the most beautiful and impressive cave either of us had ever seen, and there was still 7km of the cave left ... read more

Vietnamese transport has been pretty easy so far; many buses will pick you up from your hostel meaning that you save money and time on a transfer to a bus station and with my bus to Phong Nha, the bus dropped us off right outside the hostel too! Door to door - brilliant. And sometimes there is a hostel so legendary that everyone just simply ends up there. Its legend spreads by word-of-mouth and it often isn't on any booking website. Its reputation comes before it and is all it needs to pull in business. In Phong Nha, that place is called Easy Tiger. Therefore it was no surprise that I bumped into so many people that I had met previously in both Ho Chi Minh City and Hoi An at the hostel. The place had ... read more
Stalactites & Stalagmites
Entrance To Paradise Cave
Along The Boardwalk

I left Hue once again heading North and again via train in the economy section ($60,000VND) for a four hour journey to the coastal city of Dong Hoi which was to serve as my base for exploring Phong Nga-Ka Beng National Park. The National Park is about 50km outside of the city and is home to some massive limestone caverns and cave systems just recently discovered in the early 2000s. Some of the caves are so big they are still being mapped out and are not yet accessible to the public. The ones that are accessible are an incredible sight to behold. I've been in some caves in my day and "Paradise Cave" that I was to visit in the park was one of the most impressive I've seen. Ya, it's not true spelunking as their ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » North Central Coast » Quang Binh » Phong Nha Ke Bang January 27th 2017

Before you visit, you research. You peruse maps, blogs and tourist sites. You um and ah over the best places to visit. With Vietnam in mind Hoi An is a given. When you have no fixed itinerary it is good to hear about places that are a little less travelled. Not entirely off the beaten track of course but enough to give you the desire to go and see. Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park is one of those places. We set off from Hue in a more than small mini-van. With seats definitely designed for smaller Asian frames we were glad we hadn't had that last Banh My! We had chosen the more expensive option as the route was through the DMZ which we had some curiosity about but not enough to warrant a day tour. ... read more
DMZ bridge
Karst mountains in the rain
Wet ride

Asia » Vietnam » North Central Coast » Quang Binh » Dong Hoi December 30th 2016

Geo: 17.4642, 106.624... read more

Asia » Vietnam » North Central Coast » Quang Binh » Dong Hoi March 2nd 2016

As we left Hue, I started taking photos of the road sides, laden motorcycles and household shrines. This was so fascinating, the battery in my camera actually got hot. Similar to in India, if you can’t afford a car, the motorcycle with an experienced driver can transport almost anything. The best one I missed with the camera: a pig trussed up inside a cylindrical wire cage strapped to the back carrier. What amazes me is how quiet children are as they ride in front of a parent or squished in between two parents, sometimes with the mother also carrying a baby. And, for long distance travel, there are overnight express sleeping buses, with two tiers of seats; all the passengers recline their seats, pull down the curtains and go to sleep. As we went further north, ... read more
1973 prisoner exchange
DMZ War Memorial
Left = North, Right = South

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