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February 15th 2006
Published: February 18th 2006
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As you can tell from my previous entry, Easy Riding is the perfect way to get off the Sinh Cafe minibus beaten path. You'll still be on the Easy Rider beaten path, as Duc regularly does this tour and he's been doing it for 11 years, but it is a much better beaten path and you will see The Real Vietnam, as they say. I recommend them wholeheartedly. The only bad part is you will be kicking yoursel... Read Full Entry

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bathtime in the Mekongbathtime in the Mekong
bathtime in the Mekong

they drink the water, wash dishes in the water, bathe in the water, dump their sewage in the water, etc.
Valentine's DayValentine's Day
Valentine's Day

I was in Chau Doc which is pretty touristy, so I thought I would not be a novelty- NOPE! All these girls came up with cameras and took pictures with me and then this guy bought me a rose so I was posing with it, ha ha. I felt like Santa at the mall.
Slow boat to CambodiaSlow boat to Cambodia
Slow boat to Cambodia

it sucked because I was in a bad mood and I missed Duc and it took all day and everyone on the boat was freaking weird. I refuse to acknowledge my ethnic roots, I want nothing to do with German or Dutch tourists because I saw so many tattoo'd 50 year olds in dredlocks, it was so sad. I hope they don't have kids.
kids jumping off the boatkids jumping off the boat
kids jumping off the boat

they were so excited

19th February 2006

oh Kate, you have such insight. we are going to do a trip some day, you and me. Maybe we'll take Robert if he begs, but maybe not. Stay healthy and keep the blogs coming. We think of you every day. xoxoxoxx Mary
26th February 2006

Hi Kate, Your Mom sent me your blog address. I enjoyed reading about your travels. Stay safe. Marie Gorbsky
22nd August 2006

curiouser and curiouser said the Cat
Kate , I assume from your photos that you have some interest in spiritual development but perhaps not . I teach meditation and projection as a mystic for free . I found your photos while googling for prayerful meditation poses . There is such syncronicity in our meeting today . I am much older than you . I am 50 years old and a medically retired school teacher . I live in Australia . But I was born Catherine Hilderbrand in Virginia USA . I was called Kaki, and Kate , Katrinka , Cat and Kitty . I looked like you when I was your age . My eyes are also gray blue . My hair is your colour too but with some gray now .I feel we have a connection . I have 7 kids . Two of them my husband and I adopted from Ukraine . None of them look as much like me as you do , lol . I am Catholic but I am a student of the world , I loved the Buddhist Temples in Japan . I worked as a teacher in Catholic , public and Islamic schools . I worked in the Islamic Academy for girls in VA where I learned about the Koran . I travelled a bit of the globe. I love the sea . I became a scuba diver and composed photo journals of my travels underwater . Thank you for your photos , and for your light . Keep shining Kate :) If you are curious , you can find me here at Astral Society http://www.astralsociety.com/as/Forum/index.php/topic,18951.0.html Also if you do not like me sharing the photos you have put online , let me know . I hope that you do not mind . I find them exactly what I needed to teach with today . Namaste .
4th January 2007

About tipping
Hi Kate, I don't quiete agree with your views about tipping when travelling in developing countries. I mean, truly enough to give away a 2$ tip to someone who did something for you can results very natural for you (or for us) but it isn't for people living in a country where earning 100$ per month is the rule. By doing that you create such a huge unbalance that more and more locals will see you (or us, again) as simple cash points on legs. Paying your guide 50$ a day in Vietnam then... man, you can bet that guy has by now built a shrine with your pic in his house and is awaiting for you to go back as much as a jew can be looking forward for the coming messiah! That said, I like your blog and your very independent travelling attitude. Keep up with the good mood. Marco

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