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January 22nd 2008
Published: January 22nd 2008
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Hiền Guesthouse Cân Thơ Việt Nam

Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of modern looking Cantho City is Hien Guesthouse # 1 or # 2. Sometimes these little jewels are not called guesthouses but
Nhà Nghề. The dictionary meaning of those two words is professional compared to amateur. The top of rooms are of course hotels which go by the name Khách Sạn. On my bike ride from Hanoi to Saigon two years ago I stayed almost totally in these smaller guesthouses or minihotels. On that trip I paid as low as $2.20 to one time $20.00 in a regular hotel. Most of the time I paid around 5-6 dollars. Usually, these minihotels are very family orientated and try their best to make you feel at home. I remember the $2.20 guesthouse well as the lady who owned it asked me if I wanted her to cook me a meal. I said sure and she cooked me a fish about 12 inches long and all the trimmings for a little over a dollar.

I had to stay in Cantho City a while, so cheap lodging was a priority. Fortunately I found a great little guesthouse called Hien Guesthouse. They have a number I and a number 2. The number 2 is a little more modern and better in everyway. I stayed in #1 because it was cheap. It was a fan room meaning no A/C, shared bathrooms for five dollars. It was clean, comfortable and the owners were very accommodating. You are made to feel part of the family and you get a little family entertainment. Mr. Hien is an accomplished bamboo flute and guitar player. He also makes the bamboo flute. He is the guy who offered me the English teaching job.

Mrs. Hien is a knock down look alike of Scarlet O’Hara in “Gone With the Wind.” She kind of has Scarlet’s temperament too. When you get tired of looking at Scarlet you can look at Jenny her daughter who never gets tired of looking at herself. I never saw her pass a mirror that she didn’t look at herself. If I was her I would probably do the same thing. She was as beautiful as they come in a country of beautiful women.

Hein’s guesthouses are located close to the markets and a great internet café. You will like your stay there I am sure. Even if you don’t stay there you need to go by and ask for some of Mrs. Hien’s homemade frozen yogurt. The best in the land.
118/10 Phan Dinh Phung St
Can Tho City, Vietnam
Telephone (0710) 812718
Mobil: 091 397 3320
106/3 Phan Dinh Phung St
Can Tho City, Vietnam
Telephone (0710) 241609
Mobil: 091 397 3320

There web page is:

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22nd January 2008

music music music
You really did it this time with the flutist and Trang too. Thanks for sharing!
22nd January 2008

Kent, it sure looks fascinating there. Many of your comments and snapshots have captured my thoughts - that "peaceful place", on the Mekong, Christmas Santa (looks like he is too slim now to be Santa), Sanfordese, liked seeing the Unification Library again, Cantho Rotary Exchange student, and now these great pictures on the street near the Hen's Guesthouse in Cantho. Too bad you are missing the outstanding YEES student - wish you could meet her! Take care, we're thinking about you and all the good things happening on your "I care" journey.
22nd January 2008

Kent, Thanks for letting us follow your adventures....wish I was with you! Thanks!!!
22nd January 2008

King of the World
Another great blog. This information might come in handy. I intend to adopt Duy at the Thein An Orphanage not far from CanTo.
23rd January 2008

Hien Guest House
The Hien Guest house must have been quite an adventure. I couldn't have gone past the entrance and down the hall. But they look like nice friendly people, and we're glad you enjoyed the yogurt.
25th January 2008

hello Kent
Hi there sorry I have not been in touch i smashed my lap top screen. Looks like you are doing fine in Can tho. I am in Thailand back in Saigon on 8th feb to meet my mum. Where will you be then? Also Jackie is returning 28th march I am meeting here in phenom penn, she likes it so much here she couldn't stay away. Will contact you when I yhave time to help with the libaries Take Care Jane
16th February 2010

other entrance
When I was there, I took that other entrance which is a lot bigger. It's the one they use to ride their motorbikes in.
8th November 2013
My Room

I slept in this room
I was there from the 4 of october and slept 4 nights there whit my boy friend. These small and lovely guest house have to be known by people who don't whant to pay to much and stay in a comfortable and friendly place. You have price from 120 000₫=6$ to 160 000=8$ for two, you have choise between a fan or an air conditionner and if you alone it's only100 000₫=5$! I love it. Jennifer from Canada

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