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Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » Ben Tre May 17th 2019

Today we left the city and checked out to Ben Tre so we could enjoy the Minh Cong Delta. It's part of Vietnam produces a lot of the agriculture rice and fish that the country eats. Water is everywhere, the humidity makes me sticky, and I'm a tad bit burnt - not a bad day at all. We visited a nice farm where we were treated to some local music, fruits and honey - we even got to hold the beehive! We then moved on to a quick float down the river before seeing how coconut candy is made. Creamy, not too sweet, delicious! We moved onto lunch after another longer trip down the river on a bigger boat. We were served what looked like a carp type of fish, a pancake filled with noodles and ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » Ben Tre June 18th 2015

Knowing that I could do a days tour back to another area of the Mekong Delta that's what I decided I would do today. So, with an early start of half 7 me and about 30 other tourists were loaded into a coach and on our way. It was about a 2hr drive to Ben Tre so we stopped off on the way to visit a wood/lacquer workshop and to grab a drink. The workshop is run by people with disabilities which have been caused by the nerve agents the Americans spread over the country during the war in the 70's. The nerve agents were also passed on from mothers to babies still affecting generations today. Watching these intricate pieces of art being made from a simple piece of wood through to the finished article was ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » Ben Tre January 12th 2014

Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » Ben Tre December 29th 2012

Both up early, I'm off for a day trip to the Mekong Delta and Richard is off to the Cu Chi tunnels. My trip started after a 2 hour drive to the Mekong. The river is one of the worlds greatest and the delta one of the worlds largest. Originating in Tibet it flows 4500km through, China, Burma, Laos until it reaches Phnom Phen and splits before making its way into Vietnam and splitting several more times. The Vietnamese name for it is 'Song Cuu Long' meaning River of Nine Dragons. The splits have created hundreds of little islands with small canals winding through them. We reach the river by which time the rain is hammering it down the boat takes us over to the biggest and most famous called Unicorn Island, we stop off at ... read more
Ladies and children singing to us
Row boats through the canals
Making the coconut sweets

Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » Ben Tre May 27th 2012

This was more than just an ordinary trip to Vietnam. Not for leisure, nor for backpacking, but to spread love and to appreciate the meaning of the word. Had the honour of leading an awesome team of individuals to a Youth Expedition Program (inspired by my India trip last June), this time to Ben Tre province, one of the comparatively poorer region in Vietnam. In fact, I was pretty caught up with planning of the program that I paid little attention to the traveling details in the lesser known region of Ben tre, but from my recollections, it was a bustling self-sustaining village-city on its own. We stayed in Hung Vuong Guesthouse near the city and had to take a bus, then a cart-on-motorbike to the primary school where we did teaching and concrete-paving of the ... read more
Kids having fun
fruits of our labour
Most heart wrenching moment - saying goodbye

Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » Ben Tre February 14th 2012

The Mekong Delta covers a vast area of land to the South of Vietnam and is an array of greens and waterways. I was off to Ben Tre. Here they are known for growing coconuts and making coconut candy.....and it was all VERY tasty!!! That night I then stayed outside with just a mosquito net whilst for dinner we were served the option of cockroach, mouse or pork.....I stuck with the pork im afraid!!! I was then off to Chau Doc which is on the Vietnam/Cambodia border. here I booked myself onto a river boat which took me to Phnom Phen via the Mekong river. It was a stunning route into Cambodia, very rural and less well trodden than the traditional bus route straight from HCMC. The border crossing was as interesting as ever but all ... read more
My bed for the night
Dinner for those who were willing
Floating houses on the Mekong

Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » Ben Tre December 22nd 2011

On Monday I went to the Reunification Palace in the morning. In 1975 I was in Matric and did not know much about the War in Vietnam. Perhaps what we were going through in our country was far more important than the war in some far off distant lands that did not really touch our lives. I do remember the pictures of the tanks going through the Palace gates with helicopters leaving from the roof- they were and still are iconic scenes that will forever be shown and relived as they were so dramatic and the end of the Vietnam War. I now had the chance to go inside that building – and its interiors are stylalised formal rooms used for entertaining dignitaries from other countries or for important local occasions. The basement was the Command ... read more
Salt sour plum juice
flowers in the garden
Xe Loi Pagoda

Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » Ben Tre May 12th 2011

"Where are you from"? My heart kind of sinks when I hear this question. So often it's just an opening gambit from someone who wants something from us. This time we were confronted by a man in a striped T-shirt, rummaging about in a small carrier bag. He fished out a little notebook and before I knew it, I was engaged in conversation. about homestays, boattrips, and bicycling tours. But I had a good feeling about Mr Lanh. His notebook contained several glowing reviews - all in squiggly, somewhat hard to read handwriting - but it just felt right. Jim and I looked at each other - knew we were both thinking the same thing - and agreed to give it a go. He was waiting for us the next morning at 09.00. We hefted our ... read more
The Household Gods.
The Family Altar.
Portrait On Wall.

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