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Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » An Giang » Chau Doc September 3rd 2012

So I left for Vietnam today, the only leg of my journey that I will be travelling on my lonesome! My family left me and its now me, myself and I.....oh dear! I take the boat from Phonm Pen to Chau Doc, Vietam. Vietnam, a nation of carnivores! I was worried about, what the hell am i going to eat? I was pleasently surprised when my vegetarian hotel receptionist said that most food stalls in the street were pure veg and there was a local veg restaurant just down the road...RESULT! I enjoyed spriong rolls and noodle soups to my hearts content, ordering everything through sign language, as English was not spoken in this old port town. I booked a homestay in the Mekong Delta, with the Hotel in Chau Doc, which was 5 hours away ... read more
Street Food

Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » An Giang » Chau Doc July 23rd 2012

Later start for us today, so leisurely packing and headed down to the ferry port. The 12 pm ferry was of course not due to leave until 1pm, but hey this is Cambodia its to be expected! Lovely journey to Vietnam, down the Mekong River, instantly convinced that although more expensive, this was the right way to reach the border! Got to see lots of beautiful countryside and villages on the side of the river, the boat was really quiet, with only 8 people on it, so we could move around. The border was great, no queues, just a shack to stamp out of Cambodia, and a floating office to get you into Vietnam, stark contrast to getting in to Cambodia! We arrived in Chau Doc at around 5.30pm and headed blindly for the ... read more
Market from our balcony
first beer in vietnam...on a floating bar!
River view

Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » An Giang » Chau Doc June 15th 2012

Up at 6am. Breakfast of fruit salad, loaded the luggage onto a pedicab while we walked to the wharf. Boarded a small boat and headed to a fish farm where the fish lived under a floating house. fish food is expensive so they manufacture their own from fish waste and rice husks. There are 15000 basa fish of up to 1 kg in size in pens under the floor. Kids rarely get to school and spend their time helping their families. The next stop was Cham village where a Muslim minority lived. Originally they were weavers but now make their money from aquaculture. Back to the boat and a long 3 hour voyage down a canal to connect up with the main river at the Cambodia border. We passed many little houses and fish traps but ... read more
Chau Doc Trawler
boat to the border
fish farm

Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » An Giang » Chau Doc June 12th 2012

Arrived in HCM about 4pm. Very, very busy. Bus stopped in the main backpacker district so there were no shortages of hotels. Eventually paid $18 but later found quieter ones down some of the alleys running parallel to the main street. Lots of choice for bars and places to eat and types of cuisine. Mostly Vietnames food has been delicious. Next day we followed the Lonely Planet walking tour of the city. We first walked down a shady park with people doing Tai Chi and playing chess and swing dancing. This led to a major intersection with cars and bikes wizzing from all directions. It really was a matter of taking your life in your hands to cross the road. The secret is to just walk at a steady pace and let the vehicles avoid you..OK ... read more
Reunification Palace
Famous Photo
Water Seller

Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » An Giang » Chau Doc May 29th 2012

Llegué como a las 3pm a Chau Doc, y esa misma tarde fui a dar un paseo por el río por un par de horas, visité una granja de peces flotante, las casas flotantes y un caserío de una comunidad Cham, una comunidad minoritaria musulmana. Esa noche caminé un rato por el pueblo y también por el bulevar del río, que se veía un poco descuidado comparado con el de Can Tho. Al día siguiente fui con una holandesa, que conocí haciendo el paseo por el río, al cerro Sam, como a 5km de la ciudad; fuimos en bicis y a mitad de camino empezó a llover intensamente, nos tocó buscar refugio en un café local. El cerro se sube a pie (o en moto por otro lado) por escaleras que pasan entre casas y cafés/bares ... read more
saliendo de la comunidad Cham
Granja de peces
la vista desde el cerro Sam

Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » An Giang » Chau Doc April 8th 2012

Hello everyone, Thank you so much for my lovely birthday messages, it´s been really nice to hear from you all and to have your well wishes. :) Yesterday I slept in late as I was actually sleeping well and then I went for a walk around Ho Chi Minh City. I went to the war museum and the reunification palace. After wandering back through the market and the parks, I went to the hotel where my tour was starting, met my room mate and had the welcome meeting. After that I went out for dinner with some friends I had made the day before and then we went swimming in the pool of a five star hotel (We weren´t staying there but no one stopped us!!). I then went for some drinks and had a very ... read more
The reunification palace
Spooky moon!
Squished mini eggs

Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » An Giang » Chau Doc November 20th 2011

My next stop down the coast of Vietnam was in Hoi An. Less than a 4 hour bus drive from Hue. Hoi An is a fairly small city with a compact ancient town. Besides the attractive ancient town, nearby beaches and beautiful countryside, most visitors to Hoi An come for the numerous tailors. There are several hundred tailors in the city, most of them concentrated in the old town. Hoi An is a great place to get a custom tailored suit, shirt or even a whole wardrobe (if you can carry it all back with you) for very cheap prices. I had a suit and shirt made, good quality and materials, at a cost of $110. It was all made in a day, with a couple fittings and minor adjustments over the next couple days. Overall ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » An Giang » Chau Doc August 22nd 2011

I know it has been a while and i have flown through Vietnam, everyday there was something to do and then once we were done with the days activities it was back on a night bus. I have now become 1 of 6 we all met up on the overnight bus from Kunming to the border and we have just stuck together ever since. So I will keep all this very brief, first stop was Hanoi and HaLong Bay, we ended up on a 3 day two night stay, 1 night on Cat Ba Island & the second night on the boat in the bay , with a few caves and some Kyaking as well and of course the floating villages. I will be totally honest it all looks fantastic on the pictures but at least ... read more
What a life
Before we capsized
View from the summit

Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » An Giang » Chau Doc June 27th 2011

We arrived in Chau doc quickly and took a moto- taxi into town. We settled on a cheap hotel and went out to find some dinner. It seems that we crave western food most when we can’t get any and so instead of the lasagne we were hoping for we settled on beef with fried rice for Deb and prawns with veg for Ang. We stopped for a smoothie on the way back and slept through to 9.30am the following morning. We had a lazy morning, popping out for breakfast then coming back to the hotel for a few hours’ kip. At 3pm we were picked up by 2 moto guys who took us to some temples, pagodas and Sam Mountain. We set off to first to the cavern pagoda, where you had to climb up ... read more
Cavern Temple
View from cavern temple
inside cavern temple

Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » An Giang » Chau Doc June 19th 2011

We crossed the border to Vietnam where we actually had to cross the border by foot. Cue more stamps, arrival cards, forms and visa’s. The border crossing broke up the bus ride a bit and it took about an hour more to get to our hotel. We stayed the night in Chau Doc, which is a town on the Mekong Delta to break up the journey to Ho Chi Minh City a little. However, we had an awesome evening in Chau Doc! We all got motorbikes (don’t worry, we had a driver each and just sat on the back) and rode up Sam Mountain to sit in hammocks, drink beer and watch the sun set. It took 40 minutes each way so we had a great time on the bikes. On the way we saw loads ... read more
Bike Scenary
Juuuuuus chillin!
Us at Sam Mountain

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