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August 5th 2006
Published: August 21st 2006
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Chau DocChau DocChau Doc

View from my balcony
When we arrived at the border in Vietnam there were lots of kids that came to greet us many of them providing money changing facilities with massive wads of cash on them. I changed some of my dollars into Dong and played about with the kids for a bit. They all seemed pretty friendly and inquisitive and all wanted to give us a karate chop style massage!

After some quick refreshments we got back on the boat and headed to the small fishing town of Chau Doc which wasn't far from the border. After checking into the hotel a couple of us went for a quick walk round. We headed to some of the street markets where the locals looked at us like we were from Mars, but as we walked further around the place people seemed friendlier with some hello's, smiles and waves... thank you please. We went into this area where there was a pagoda with people worshipping this big statue. I was then suddenly surrounded by loads of little Vietnamese kids who all seemed to love me for some reason. Even the teeny weenie ones could say hello in English. They were all wanting to swing off
The Cambodia-Vietnam BorderThe Cambodia-Vietnam BorderThe Cambodia-Vietnam Border

Some people in the waiting room...
my arms at once and use me as a climbing frame. Funny kids. At one stage I must have had about 8 of them hanging off me. It was a bit of a mission to get away but I made it eventually. After some tasty Vietnamese pork buns from a street vender we journeyed on to a great Vietnamese resturant by the river for some really good grub. Had some some spring rolls, a spinach and garlic dish and a beef thingy. All good. I think the whole meal with drinks was under 2 quid. Bargain. After this heafty meal and some more drinks I headed back to the hotel as we had a long bus ride ahead of us the next day.

Bit of a short one but then again we weren't here for long. Not that much going on really apart from good food and krazy kidz.

Any hoo.. Time to shoot off. See ya later..... aligator PPTD :O)

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Chau Doc Food MarketChau Doc Food Market
Chau Doc Food Market

Yet again no perfect strawberries, (or cabbage water).

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