Day 16 - a coffee/tea fuelled day in Dalat!

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August 4th 2015
Published: August 4th 2015
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Day 16 - a coffee fuelled stroll in Dalat

We had an early rise this morning in order to have a few coffees with Terry before he leaves us. It does feel like we are loosing our main point of strength that has held us together this last few days! It feels really sad to loose him, but is also time for us to move on. It's good that he is doing a tour with Bruno, they get on really well, so are assured of a good trip, as long as they get decent weather! It rains a lot here!

We returned to our hotel for showers etc, I'm done, just waiting for Helen as she has my hair to do... lol ... Oh how the tables have turned... Ha ha I might insist on an exotic hair do!

So today we are back on our own, but with no transport, so we have decided to go for a stroll down to the lake. Terry tells us there are plenty of coffee shops, so we plan on walking a bit, then resting for coffee, walking a bit more, then more coffee, or maybe a tea! We'll see how that works out.

As I have not been able to do much, we haven't really wandered very far from the hotel, but with each day, I improve, so today we can comfortably do the coffee/tea/stroll thing!

The hair went well! Helens hairdressing skills are proving!

We set off towards the lake, passing through a huge market. It's so interesting to me that the higher proportion of stalls are full of winter jackets, heavy knitwear, hats and scarves! So strange! We are comfortably walking around in thin cotton pants and a vest, whilst the locals are so wrapped up!

We saw many flower stalls. The arrangements on sale are so beautifully done, the only problem is that each stall has exactly the same arrangements on sale! They could so learn from individuality!

After flowers, came fruit and vegetables. I did say to Helen, it's strange when you don't even recognise fruit and veg in a market. How ignorant we are.... And... We have extended our knowledge quite a bit!

Finally we came to the lake. We started at The Blue Water Restaurant which was so peaceful, with the full view of the lake to enjoy. We opted for jasmine tea at this stop. We did linger for quite a while, just putting the world to rights!

We continued on our stroll around the lake. We were heading in the direction of the shopping centre that we went to yesterday with Terry. The parkland type of setting that we are padding is peaceful and calm. There are many couples, young and old, sat holding hands, chatting, courting, we pass groups of men playing cards on the floor, intermittently there is a vendor of some description.

The next scenic point we come across is the jumping fountains. This is what appears to be a part of the new stadium build. It's impressive as fountains go!

Next we find the entrance of the shopping centre. We had expected there to before to it than we saw yesterday, but no, we actually did see it all!

After we had walked around, we agreed that we had in fact done the rounds, so headed out of the centre back into the busy central part of Dalat. We agreed on an ice cream from Lotteria for our next stop. We were to be very disappointed - no ice cream left!

Plan B was to head back through the market into the centre, down the hill, and back to old reliable Windmill Cafe. We know that we never get it wrong g here! We chose iced peach tea..... And it was lovely!

We continued our walk along another direction that we hadn't been in before to see if we could find a nail salon. Our nails are starting to look a bit raggy! No luck, we could have had manicure but need an acrylic infil! The rain started so we made a dash for the cake shop, before heading back to the hotel to fill the afternoon in by watching a film.

In total, we walked for about four hours today. At one point, we were walking along a street, a lady was walking behind us, I had worked out that she was collecting cardboard and plastics for recycling. She lets people/shop owners that she is passing by using a sqeaker bottle thing that she presses in her hand. Helen asked me what noise was, she had decided that the woman had speaks in her shoes! I couldn't stop laughing! I had to point out the bottle in the women's hand! It was so funny!

We went for our evening meal at about 6 0'clock. We had a Thai meal tonight. All good for us both. Tonight's pick of the teas was artichoke. Although we both are getting just a bit too much tea!

Tonight we spoke with Terry to finalise our plans for tomorrow.... Even though he is now on another trip, he still stepped up and sorted us out!

It's a night for packing, then early to bed for me, more rest should aid my continuing recovery!

We both said we are so ready to leave Dalat, and move on to our next city... Saigon

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