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Grabbing a map at our destination drop off we proceeded down the driveway as a guy in a blue jacket approached us. "Hello, where are you going?" he inquired in a friendly voice. I looked away knowing what he was about to ask. "We are looking for a hotel," Shauna replied enthusiastically. "Would you like to book an easy rider trip?" Shauna shook her head then stated, "we've already book a trip, thank you." Smiling the man let us continue on down the drive. "Great. I wonder how many times today we are going to hear that?" I said as she caught up to me looking at the LP map book consulting where the hotels we spoke about are located in relevance to where we were standing at the moment. "What do you mean?" she asked. ... read more
Balcony view
Balcony view

Asia » Vietnam » Central Highlands » Lam Dong » Da Lat July 6th 2011

Contemplating over the last twenty minutes how to describe the Crazy House experience and I'm still trying to decipher this experience. Ripping through my mind I withdrew several slides of art history books displaying Gaudi creations all over Spain. His twisting shapes, bending iron, and colorful ideas filled my head. Looking over the architectural drawings on display near the main entrance there twisting roof lines, swirling window pains and bright beautiful colors reminded me of Dr. Seuss. But again... how do I describe all this bending turning twisted architectural excellence, I don't. I just upload all my photographs and let you take the Crazy House tour for FREE. Hope you enjoy? Oh Yea... If you are ever in Da Lat, you can head out to the Crazy House yourself but your first and only question should ... read more
Welcome to...
Original Drawings

Asia » Vietnam » Central Highlands » Lam Dong » Da Lat July 6th 2011

Our first visit into Tin Tin Cafe, was on Wednesday July 6th after the Crazy House and a bit of walking through Da Lat. We had decided to find a nice cafe, sip on coffee and eat dessert because neither of us was truly hungry. Walking into the restaurant we found it deserted usually a bad sign but we decided to give it a shot. Perusing the menu we both ordered ice cream sundaes, Shauna went with coconut and I went taro. Both of us ordered coffee. The sundaes came in these neat lotus glass dishes. The sundae consisted of three scoops of ice cream, chocolate sauce, peanuts, fruit shavings, cylinder cookie and topped with a cherry. They were the perfect looking sundae. Digging into the ice cream I was instantly surprised at the delicious taste. ... read more
Patio views

Asia » Vietnam » Central Highlands » Lam Dong » Da Lat July 6th 2011

Wandering away we discussed the crazy house's relative beauty although I continued to state its image was 100% different then the LP guidebook photo. The only thing was the book was in the hotel room. It would have to wait until later. Turning left we walked a few buildings down watching the road disappear off into the distance away from town. Turning around we went back to the starting point turned left and went down a narrow alley. Thirty yards down hill we moved left and right through the concrete maze until we reached a Tran Phu street. Walking the main thoroughfare for a few minutes we realized an abundance of traffic increasing along with the amount of noise. Dodging vehicles we crossed the street reaching the front steps of an in progress renovation of a ... read more
Still standing
Rubble road

Asia » Vietnam » Central Highlands » Lam Dong » Da Lat July 6th 2011

"Do you want to go to Sunflower Cafe, or that vegetarian place you saw earlier?" "Let's just go to the place she recommended since its near here. And its recommended," she replied with a smile. "It's pleasant up here. The temperature that is." "I still can't believe you peed in a plastic Circle K bag," she laughed hysterically. "A man does what he has to do," I smirked. "Sometimes, I wish I could do the same." "You could but it'd be a lot more messy than me!" Just then a guy on a motorcycle pulled up next to us, "Hello. How are you? My name is..." "Hi," Shauna stated before fully realizing who she was engaging with. Turning to her left she spotted the now infamous blue easy rider jacket. "Where are you from?" the man ... read more
D Truong Cong Dinh
Veggie Pizza
Rice and Veggies

Asia » Vietnam » Central Highlands » Lam Dong » Da Lat June 17th 2011

Dalat was really great! Planned on staying two days ended up staying four. We found our hangout, literally a bar called The Hangout Cafe run by a Duong, his wife, and twenty month old Rocky -who really runs the place. If you go look out if Rocky has his squirt bottle-he is quite a good aim. He is also a pool shark. As we were sitting in our place on at the front of the cafe a little girl about eight came over and stared at us for awhile. I gave her some spider rings and we were soon fast friends. She ended up kicking Steven out of his seat next to me and took his place. She held my hand but never talked. Duong told me she was autistic-of course she is, I am the ... read more
Suzie and Quinh An
Rocky the pool shark
The Hangout Cafe

Asia » Vietnam » Central Highlands » Lam Dong » Da Lat June 12th 2011

Departed Saigon yesterday at 1:00 in the back of the bus. We took Phuong Teang bus service because they had the best price, neck pillows, and taxi service when you arrive to take you wherever you want to go. The neck pillows are crucial because we were on the bus for nine hours-was supposed to be seven. Steven began chatting with a university student finishing up her junior year of college and was heading home to see her family for the summer. She is getting her degree as an auditor and already has an intership waiting for her next year. Adorable young lady, she gave us information about the countryside the entire ride. She really wanted to practice her english and I wanted to practice my vietnamese-good combination. She bought fruit at one of the rest ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Central Highlands » Lam Dong » Da Lat June 5th 2011

As I said in my last blog, I have just had the most unforgettable tour I have ever done in my whole life and the advice I give to anyone is to never even waste a minute thinking about doing this, just do it! Yes the tour is expensive in Vietnamese standards (65 US per day incl accommodation) but it is worth every penny and the price is only going up from now as this concept becomes more and more popular. So do it now before it becomes a tourist attraction. My original plan was only spent 3 days doing this but actually I did 5 as I had so much fun, In this tail though I learnt a massive lesson and all will be revealed later on. I can now say I have felt, seen ... read more
Waterfall near Lak Lake
Paddy Fields
Rice Cakes...mmmm

Asia » Vietnam » Central Highlands » Lam Dong » Da Lat May 24th 2011

With our last day in Dalat, indeed our last real day of touring Vietnam – since tomorrow will start the escapade of the long trip home (Dalat to Saigon to Singapore to Perth) – we set out for an early breakfast at hour villa before our villa operated tour of Dalat. Mustering what little energy we each had left, as both of us had had a rough last couple of nights sleep and myself starting to feel like I am coming down with what Michelle has, we slothed our way up the steep cobblestone path to the reception counter where our butler, Hong, swiftly ushered us into a private car. Before even arriving in Dalat with no prior tour organized both Michelle and I wanted to do a tour of some description. For us, organised private ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Central Highlands » Lam Dong » Da Lat May 21st 2011

Got the bus to Dalat early morning, and stayed for two nights. Pretty place, not very lively. Will be mostly remembered for the cheeseburgers the lads ordered, which actually didn't have any meat in. Got bikes on the second day, and went around Dalat and a bit further out to a waterfall, which was a bit dissapointing but the ride was fun. Didn't get my own, definitely would have crashed, so I was on the backs of others which was good. Got some good photos! ... read more

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