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Asia » Vietnam » Central Highlands » Lam Dong » Da Lat March 9th 2012

We left Dalat around 1pm, the sun was shining in a bright blue sky and despite being cold overnight it was now a lovely temperature around 26 degrees. Soon into the journey to Na Trang, back on the coast, we were climbing steeply. Before reaching the coast there was a whole mountain range to cross. The higher we climbed the more the clouds moved in and the tops of the mountains were swathed in mist. Before long we were in and out of the mist itself driving along steep narrow roads with deep drops to one side. All around us were towering hillsides covered in rainforest bathed in the mist. We had a brilliant coach driver who stopped constantly and waited while everyone piled out to take photographs and of course the odd cigarette break for ... read more
Misty Mountains
Photo Opportunity

Asia » Vietnam » Central Highlands » Lam Dong » Da Lat March 7th 2012

Last night I slept with a blanket over me for the first time in seven weeks. We are in Dalat up in the Central Highlands of Vietnam and although it’s still warm during the day by about 5pm the temperature dips and by bedtime it’s positively cold! Probably 15 degrees. (well it feels cold to me!) The drive here yesterday was along steep winding roads that snaked their way up the mountainside giving wonderful views for much of the way. Our little bus had it’s work cut out to make the hills not helped by the fact that in several places the road became a dirt track for several metres at a time with huge potholes. We arrived around 1pm and set off to explore the place only to get lost several times, our map was ... read more
Delat Centre
The Eiffel Tower!?
A crazy house we came across on the way to the cable car

Asia » Vietnam » Central Highlands » Lam Dong » Da Lat March 5th 2012

Dalat Waking at 5:30am to catch a tourist bus is the antithesis of cycletouring and our reasons for travelling by bike were amply demonstrated on this day. The bus refused to take us in the morning stating that that bus was too small, despite having booked WITH BIKES the previous day. The afternoon bus crammed in our bikes causing various niggles over the following rides, and crammed in luggage and people such that to exit my 2' square slot I was required to swing from the overhead storage and stand on the backs of seats. The drive was miserable, poor ventilation, systematic shinning of my knees and the compartment containing the bikes popping open on the journey. Coupled with depressing views of defoliated hills (not Agent Orange this time!) and a bumpy ride. The ordeal was ... read more
View of Dalat agriculture from cable car
View of Dalat from cable car
cable car ride

Asia » Vietnam » Central Highlands » Lam Dong » Da Lat March 2nd 2012

2nd March ’12 Nha Trang to Dalat Up bright and early to catch the bus to Dalat up in the Central Highlands and what a lovely bus it was! Plush comfy seats, a free bottle of water and a wet wipe each and it only took 4 hours! It even had a giant flat screen tv showing some kind of variety show, which didn’t have much variety apart from the fact it was different singers but all crooning very similar heart rending love songs. The only variation was a twilight themed act where they crooned but with fake blood and the James Bond number featuring a rather raunchy female. During the loo stop one lady snuck up behind me and I discovered she was comparing our heights – amongst the Vietnamese I am tall which is ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Central Highlands » Lam Dong » Da Lat March 1st 2012

6. den, 29.2.2012 - Dalat Bus prijizdi pred hotel vcas - 7:30 nasedame do maleho stareho autobusu bez klimatize, ve kterem mame jet 5h do Dalatu. To bude super. Nakonec zabirame celou zadni lavici a podari se nam si ji uchranit pred nove pristoupivsimi. Takze celkem pohoda. Lenca misty i spi - bus je opet bez tlumicu a cesta je spis necesta, takze vzpominame na Sri Lanskou cestu k pobrezi a misty nechtene opoustime sedadla. Argentinci pred nama nechapou, ale pak se uz taky jen smeji. Konec cesty je jiz super, najizdi se na 4 proudovou dalnici s na mistni pomery (misty i pomery nasi D1) vybornym povrchem a tak ficime snad i 80kou. V Dalatu jsme ve 12. Vita nas mistni kluk v modrem tricku a rovnou sikovne nabizi moznost ubytovani v hotylku hned vedle ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Central Highlands » Lam Dong » Da Lat January 27th 2012

I spent my last day in Ho Chi Minh at the Chu Chi tunnels, which was very interesting with our tour guide who introduced himself as John Wayne so that tourists can remember his name. You could climb on an old tank & fire a gun & go down & walk through the tunnels. I went through the tunnels, which are really small & hot. The night before I ran into 2 guys from Bakers who will be joining with me in March. It was great to catch up with them & amazing to meet them unexpectedly in the street. After HCMC I went to Dalat, which is in the central highlands so it is not so hot & actually quite cool in the winter. It was hard to find accommodation because it is the public ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Central Highlands » Lam Dong » Da Lat January 7th 2012

5th november Arrived tired and dirty in nha trang at about 6am. Luckily we had arranged to be picked up by our hotel for free and could check into our room. After a catch up on some sleep we headed out to see nha trang...not much to see really! It was very humid and hot so we went to the beach. In the evening we found a bar showing football. It was full of ex pats and young vietnamese girls serving drinks. Lots of the old eat sweaty men were hugging and touching the girls...grim! Unfortunately we didn.t get to see much of the game because an english woman and her scottish husband living in nha trang decided to tell us all the things they had done in south east asia and what we should do. ... read more
Dudes on the beach
sellers on the beach

Asia » Vietnam » Central Highlands » Lam Dong » Da Lat December 17th 2011

We left Nha Trang after a great few days and boarded a bus to Dalat, a town in the Central Highlands which has been described as "little paris" due in part because of the radio mast in the town shaped like an eiffel tower but mainly due the french influence. It is a place high in the mountains that became popular with the French, to escape the heat of Ho Chi Minh city. We have had some scary bus journeys throughout Vietnam, with mountaineous roads, high cliffs and sheer drops. However, none of them compared to the journey to Dalat. As the town is 1500m above sea level, we were literally ascending the entire 3 1/2 hour bus journey!! I was petrified for most of it. We were in a small minibus and to be fair, ... read more
Eiffel Tower
Vinny and the birthday boy!

Asia » Vietnam » Central Highlands » Lam Dong » Da Lat November 19th 2011

Da Lat was just in from the coast by Mue Ne and was a small province with a small amount of sights to see. We ended up getting a tour of the city and visited coffee, flower, silk & cricket factories, which were all interesting in their own weird way. The coffee & flower ones were basic but I found the silk & cricket more interesting. The cricket farm showed us why, how etc they keep & breed crickets and at what age/size they send them off for food into towns near by. Obviously at the end of the tour we were given a plate to try, with chilli sauce....ofcourse! I had a couple, just tasted like burst bit of chicken or dog or something?! Dalat didn't have much of a night life but nice restaurants ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Central Highlands » Lam Dong » Da Lat November 16th 2011

Son, our potential Easy Rider tour guide was due to collect us at 0730 so we were up early on the off chance he showed up. We packed, checked out and I went out to make sure our motorbike hadn’t disappeared overnight. It was still sitting where we left it and furthermore still had the 3/4 of a tank of gas that we’d left the night before. The deal with motorbike rentals in Vietnam seems to be that your bike is collected and drained of petrol overnight necessitating a refill each morning. At 0730 on the dot Son showed up with a good helmet for me. It came complete with a clear, full face visor… something of a luxury. Jo jumped on board Son’s bike and I followed behind. Around 5kms out of Da Lat City ... read more

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