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August 22nd 2011
Published: August 22nd 2011
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The Backpacker AngelsThe Backpacker AngelsThe Backpacker Angels

Looking fresh and keen at the beginning. From right to left Hensy (tour leader) Jo, Me, Archie, Nikol, Petra & Mira
Here it is, be it only maybe 1% of the dream but it felt good. Seeing that we are all on a bit of a schedule we could only manage 2 days of motorbike touring and Lak Lake was a must see and plus they have elephants there and I wanted to ride one, this destination was possible in 2 days and with taking in a few sites along the way. Originally we all wanted to have a crack at it solo but it seemed where we made up for it in enthusiasm we lacked in experience , so for a few extra bucks we had a guide and a plan.

We finally got our act together and set for the 155km journey to the Lake, we stop offs at the obligatory temple and a laughing budha, coffee & flower plantation, rice wine making distillery and the most interesting a silk factory, which was something. This place looked like we had just walked into a Victorian time warp and as for the machinery if you got too close I am sure would have left with a few fingers missing.

So once the sites behind us it was only the
Elephant FallsElephant FallsElephant Falls

A break from the bikes
open road infront of us. We finally arrived at 5.30. I now know why bikers walk with a swagger all that time spent in the saddle definetly plays havock with the nether regions. So what do hard core bikers do when they are not touring the wilderness, they sit down on their already over worked bums and start exercising their upper body, in the form of drinking.

The next morning I awoke with the sight of an elephant walking leisurely past our front door, like this happens every day. There they were all our charges all saddled up and ready to go and they weren't pink either. The ride took us through the village and a waide through the lake, no sooner were we off one saddle then we were jumping into another. Will my arse ever forgive me?

The ride home we made in good time as I think we were all getting a little bike weary (not very good at this) but we still had a couple of highlights, which involved snakes and a crazy house.

Who said biking was a leisurely past time? We were absolutely cream crackered but boy it was worth every
Silk factorySilk factorySilk factory

This machinery should be in a museum
bump, pothole and hair pin bend.

Thanks guys for reading desperately trying to play catch up

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Just on itJust on it
Just on it

When you ride hard you have to play hard
Riding through the villageRiding through the village
Riding through the village

I think the locals are used to this scene
That's a whopperThat's a whopper
That's a whopper

Is that a python are you just pleased to see me?

25th August 2011

looks like a really good part of your trip ! very brave to hold that snake it was massive ,brooke wants to see a photo of you on your elephant if you have one to send? keep in touch and stay safe love us xxx

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