Day 13 - to Dalat

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August 1st 2015
Published: August 3rd 2015
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Day 13 - Dalat

Yesterday, we covered about 230 km.

We didn't get a good nights sleep last night. We drank lots of the homemade stuff! I woke up at about 4.30, desperate for the toilet, but that wasn't an option due to it being in the house over the road!

Helen is in a bit of a state... Lol... Very wobbly hangover! We got sort of washed with wet wipes, and cleaned teeth with no water. Helen needed assistance to dress and pack. The thought of having to do it was a stretch too far this morning. She croaked, Lesley, please can you help me? so obviously I obliged! He he.. Strangely enough, I feel fine, I may go downhill later.

We set off for breakfast. On arrival receiving a cheery good morning from all. We had the usual omelette with bread. I really do enjoy it too, wash drown with green tea.

Terry and Hoa loaded the bikes, then Hoa gave us a bit of insight the the Memon community that we were staying with.

We set off for Dalat. With stops on the way. We expect to cover about 130km today.

We stopped and ate Rambutan, or chom chom, a grape like fruit. Also learning about Durian at the same time. Durian bring the really smelly fruit!

Setting off again, the scenery is really indescribable, continuously so beautiful. It's a pleasure just to be driven through. I feel I should describe more, but as I said yesterday, I just can't do it the justice it deserves.

Just stopped for lunch; it was a never ending mix of dishes; rice, tofu, pork, chicken, different chicken, morning glory, salad, omelette and soup. Again, very nice, and it does make it so much easier when someone else orders it all for you!

After dinner, Helen and Hoa decided to get in one of the hammocks each for an afternoon power nap. It has already been a long day due to such an early start.

We got about half an hour away from Dalat, when the black sky totally opened. It poured with rain, as heavy as I ever seen it! We pulled into a garage and went inside. It's not as you at imagine if you are basing it on UK garages! Helen, terry and I sat on the floor chatting for about half an hour, but there was no improvement. It lashed it down, closely followed by deafening thunder, and lightening. This weather was not going to stop. Terry and Hoa gave Helen and I a good quality set of wet gear to put on. We did look right ducks! No photos as our handbags were also put away in heavy duty plastic bags and attached to the bikes.

Off we set in the rain. It was soooo cold! We arrived at the hotel in Dalat at about 5pm. It's a spacious room with all we need. I am really looking forward to the shower.... Once the water heater has heated up the water!

We are meeting Hoa and Terry for dinner at seven.

We went to a restaurant with a group of the easy rider team that were in Dalat. There was a bit of stock on a gas burner, and a small table top barbecue, then the near arrived. It was very thinly sliced beef. Some marinated for the barbecue, some plain for the hotspot. Hoa took over cooking an the barbecue, Terry on the pot. Terry showed us to get some lettuce, some leaves, some neat, roll it all in rice paper, then dip on soya sauce and eat! As the meat got eaten more came, then a hotspot with chicken and tofu. It was amazing. All the guys really looked after us.

After we had eaten, I was telling Tuan, the big boss from Easy Riders that Helen had never done karaoke, then that was it, off we all went in taxis.

We arrived at the karaoke bar;Tuan has booked a private party room, which is how they do it here! We had such a great time, everyone singing and dancing the night away.

After the karaoke we got back in taxis to go back to the Easy Riders Hang Out bar. We had a couple of drinks and played pool. I went up the stairs to toilet, slipped of the step, and la des rally awkward on my arm and shoulder! I also banged my face on a table as I hit the floor.

We ended up in hospital for the night. Terry and Hoa stayed all night with us. I had a CT scan and X-rays, just to be cautious, but no real harm done!

I am sporting a beautiful shiner, and wearing a corset thing for my arm and shoulder. An easy day tomorrow.

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