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Asia » Vietnam » Central Highlands » Dak Lak » Buon Ma Thuot May 16th 2013

We are a 60 year old couple going to Vietnam for 3 weeks in November 2013. We are not back-packers but do not expect luxury either. Flying to HCMC. Intending to stay in the southern half of the country; Mekong Delta, Hoi An, Central Highlands etc. We prefer comfortable small guest houses/hotels in countryside locations. Wildlife, national parks, interesting village and rural life. So far my research into accommodation has tended to come up with quite large hotels in urban locations. Any suggestions most appreciated. Having visited Sri Lanka 3 times and got used to tuktuks is the motorbike the only simple and cheap form of transport other than public transport. Thanks in anticipation. I can offer similar help to anyone considering Sri Lanka in particular.... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Central Highlands » Dak Lak » Buon Ma Thuot November 27th 2012

The next morning in Buon Ma Thuot, while we waited for the bike we indulged in the unexpected middle-class atmosphere and went shopping. After having seen nothing for sale for days except bare necessities (and most of the time not even that), the novelty of fashion proved too overwhelming, and we left empty-handed. We had high ambitions to see Dray Sap and Dray Nur Falls, as well as drive to Dalat, but as usual things took longer than we hoped and after the seeing the waterfalls our shadows became too long to dare to drive any further. We stopped on the outskists of Buon Ma Thout, at a little guest house where we caused a huge commotion again. People were running around, fixing the room, spraying it with air freshener, they unpacked our bikes for us ... read more
Dray Nur Falls
The kids
hot day

Asia » Vietnam » Central Highlands » Dak Lak » Buon Ma Thuot November 26th 2012

A new day in our race-to-get-our-visas-renewed, we planned to drive the 200 km to Buon Ma Thuot (or Ban Me Thuot), which meant an early start. We found some delicious street food for breakfast (bo né, beef with eggs, a local specialty, was just what we needed, 4 of them and some delicious local coffee set us back almost 2 dollars...). Winding through the mountains, and now finally getting into the swing of things (though every day it takes less time for our butts to go numb and Sadie's driving wrist to ache), we climbed further and further into coffee country. Whereas before the roads were full of corn and taro root drying in the sun, now every single house we passed was using every available inch of land to dry coffee beans. The towns, also, ... read more
Local tractor
plenty of space

Asia » Vietnam » Central Highlands » Dak Lak » Buon Ma Thuot June 16th 2011

I have some time now to blog. I’ll take some time and write a little about Jungle Beach. We LOVED the place. As soon as we walked in Syl (the owner) welcomed us. We were instantly greeted with some lemon water and were sat down to eat some lunch. After lunch Syl showed us some bungalows that we could choose from. We chose one close to the bathroom and between the beach and dining area, A6. We settled in and went for a swim in the ocean. The beach is pretty nice. Clear water, white sand etc. Our only complaints were there was nothing to see while snorkeling, and the wind made it really hard to lay on the beach. The dogs really make the place. They are always happy to see you and love a ... read more
This lady is carrying LIVE chickens
Driving through the mountains
Rice Fields

Asia » Vietnam » Central Highlands » Dak Lak » Buon Ma Thuot February 23rd 2011

Do you remember the room that Martin Sheen had in ‘Apocalypse Now’? The one at the beginning of the movie that he had that bender in? The one with the ceiling fan that rotated with a sound like a Huey’s rotor? Remember when he started practicing his Kung Fu moves in front of the mirror until he finally broke it and cut up his hand? Well, Karen and I are living in that room. It’s in a central highland town called Buon Ma Thuot (pronounced Bon Me Tote). They never replaced the mirror but everything else is as it was. After 4 nights in Da Lat we boarded a bus and rumbled over rough roads through miles of coffee bean plantations. The mountains reminded Karen and I strongly of the Blue Ridge in Virginia. The narrow ... read more
Karen, Tam and Nguyen
Waiting For The Bus
Thanh Binh Hotel, Buon Ma Thuot

Asia » Vietnam » Central Highlands » Dak Lak » Buon Ma Thuot January 16th 2011

we have just done two long days riding motorbikes through the highlands in central vietnam. the weather is partly sunny and warm. we are wearing windbreakers, pants and running shoes for riding and a big bandana to protect from the exhaust. everyone else here also wears a face mask to protect not only from dirt/dust but also they value our WHITE skin and prefer NOT to get a tan. hmm. and so why do we want a tan in north america? anyway, we went to visit an orphanage yesterday run by the catholic church. the children have no parents or are in care because there parents lack capacity. sad to see how little toys, supplies, clothes, etc. there. the older girls look after the infants. difficult. the motorbiking the last two days has been on a ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Central Highlands » Dak Lak » Buon Ma Thuot January 8th 2011

to Buon Ma Thuot, day 1 This day was pretty jam-packed full of things to do. We got up early, had breakfast at the Cyclo Cafe, checked out, returned Eddie's passport to him, loaded the bags, and headed off. Ronald on Eddie's bike, me on Tien's, Eddie's 20-year-old brother-in-law. Actually, he might have been 19 because of the lunar vs. solar calendar, but I didn't ask his year, so I guess we'll never know! Good thing they practically come out of the womb driving motorbikes or else I would have been nervous. We stopped by to see the fisherman at work before heading out of town. Some of them were collecting rocks for building foundations for buildings. Pretty neat to see how fast they are with their hands and those tricky nets (see video below). Fearless ... read more
traditional bamboo boats
traditional boat

Asia » Vietnam » Central Highlands » Dak Lak » Buon Ma Thuot February 27th 2010

Hi All, I am planning to travel to Highland regions of Vietnam. Any one has experience want to share I will very much appreciated. I will be traveling alone so if anyone wants to join, please feel free to contact me. Looking forward to making the trip.... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Central Highlands » Dak Lak » Buon Ma Thuot December 26th 2009

Dalat Hello hello! Merry Christmas to everyone! Hope you all had a great day - we certainly did! We were hoping to be able to write this before Christmas (again, SO MUCH has happened since last blog), but we haven't had the time! When we last wrote we were in Dalat. We ended up staying for 2 nights. Dalat is essentially a French town in the middle of Vietnam - no one there is French anymore, but the town was discovered during French occupation, and so all of the houses are just so clearly European, you completely forget you're in Vietnam. Well, almost. It's in the mountains, and is considered to be the "Honeymoon Capital" of Vietnam. Why, we have no idea. The place is beautiful, and so picturesque, but FREEZING! We arrived on the first ... read more
The unexpected freezingness of Dalat
Monastary in the Mountains
First elephant ride!

Asia » Vietnam » Central Highlands » Dak Lak » Buon Ma Thuot December 10th 2009

The Central Highlands region of Vietnam contains 5 provinces. The region's coffee plantations (290,000 ha) constitute 4/5 of the total coffee plantation area for the whole country. It is home to many ethno-linguistic minority groups (Montagnards), for example, Bahnar, Ede, Jrai, K'ho, M'nong etc. It is also renowned for its cool climate, beautiful mountain scenery, lakes and waterfalls, as well as special culture of different ethnic minority groups. Talking about the Central Highlands of Vietnam, you may think about the famous city of "Đà Lạt", which is a popular destination for tourists and Vietnamese couples during their honeymoons. But it is just one of the cities in this region. I also visited Đà Lạt in December 1998 and visited 16 sites in and around the city with a local motorbike driver. This time I visited 3 ... read more
At Mr. Amacong's house in Đôn village
Ancient house in Đôn village
The Victory Tower in Buôn Mê Thuột city

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