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September 9th 2010
Published: September 12th 2010
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Samarkand is a nice city. The first day we were there, we participated in the city walking tour that was offered as part of the dragoman trip. Needless to say it was quite long, although fairly informative, it was tough to pay attention once it got to about lunch time and there was still about 3 hours left on the tour. We survived (barely) and finished the tour, it felt like quite the accomplishment really.

The rest of our time in Samarkand was fairly relaxing. We caught up on some internet, went for walks, and enjoyed the best pizza we've had in Central Asia at Venezia restaurant...twice.

It's already been 2 months since we finished working and we've been on the road now for 7 weeks. So far we seem to be spending to our budget, which is good news. Also we've taken approximately 69GB of photos. (we are currently shooting raw+jpeg, but that could change, if storage becomes an issue)

We're currently in Tashkent awaiting the start of the next leg of our trip through Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. We spent Sunday morning exploring the metro system which is quite neat. Every station is different in the way that it's decorated with various styles of lights, pillars and mosaics. It's full of military police and photos are forbidden. One of the lines is designed as a bomb shelter. One thing that constantly amazes us is how clean all of the cities are. From Iran through to Uzbekistan the streets have been spotless.

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200 cym note200 cym note
200 cym note

With the liger from the Registran. Worth about $0.10.

12th September 2010

Genghis Kahn raised this to the ground -a couple of times, I think- but it's looking good today
12th September 2010
Samarkand 4

I love this photo. Such restful colours.
12th September 2010

I am sooo envious. Samarkand has been on my ´to do´list since I first saw photos of it, and your photos make me want to go even more! Beautiful pictures, especially the panoramic at the start. Another great blog. :D
12th September 2010

Love your blog!!
Thanks for keeping all the pictures coming! I'm counting on you guys to travel for me right now. Be safe and happy travels! :)
13th September 2010

Your Trip so far
Just wanted to say how much I look forward to these blogs, and how much I am enjoying taking this trip with you! Kathy, we often think about you and are quite envious, particularily on bad days!!!!

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